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Yes! Please add 3 extra bottles of Organifi Gold to my order now for just $49.98 each.

However, 10% of our buyers DO choose to opt out... and maybe you’re considering becoming one of them.

In fact, at this point the most common question I hear is:

“How do I know I’m going to like it? I haven’t even TRIED it yet!” 
And that’s a reasonable question.
Here are THREE simple answers:


This is a RISK FREE proposition! The purpose of this offer is only to save you money and keep your benefits growing.

If there is any reason –any reason at all– that you decide this isn’t for you, our money back guarantee has you covered.

Just talk to our customer service department and we’ll refund you 100% upon return of your unused portion/ empty jar. (We want to make it easy for you!)


As I said above, 30 days can fly by before you know it – especially when you’re riding a wave of feel-good nutrition. And it only gets better every day you take it in a row! To ensure you don’t run out unexpectedly, this is the deal for you.


When you DO decide to restock your supply, you’ll likely pay a much higher price than you will today. Remember, this offer is only good for as long as you keep this page open.


How are you going to use your three extra bottles?
Here are a few suggestions from our team:


(1) Back-up supply

A month can be a pretty short period of time. Life has a way of passing by when you aren’t paying attention. Next thing you know, a month has slipped away and your supply is running low.

Keeping a few jars for back-up gives you the peace of mind that you won’t be running on empty any time soon.

And you can just keep enjoying the benefits... every single day.


(2) Take a bottle to work

You can be guaranteed to never miss a day by taking some wherever you go. Just make sure to disguise the bottle as something else (a fast-acting laxative, perhaps). Sometimes co-workers decide to just help themselves when they discover the benefits of Organifi Gold!

(3) Give some to a friend or loved one

Do you know someone who could also benefit from the results of this amazing product? (Doesn’t everybody?)
This is your opportunity to give them the gift of health! Show your loved ones how much you care with something that’ll REALLY make them feel great.

*And they don’t need to know you got it at such an incredible price! 

P.S. Even though you’re getting this exclusive once-in-a-lifetime discount today, your order is STILL covered by our Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee.

You can rest assured with the knowledge that you’re risking NOTHING by upgrading your order.

If you decide that Organifi Gold just isn’t right for you, all you need to do is give our customer team a call. They’ll provide with you a return authorization number, and you’ll be refunded once we receive your unused portion or empty bottles... to the penny!

We want you to be satisfied 100% either way.

Remember, we’re in this together.


PLUS: We also pay shipping on these 3 bottles!

Reminder: Missing just ONE DAY of this golden tea can set you back a full month... sacrificing weeks of progress and dedication!
The #1 cause: Accidentally running out.
You can guarantee yourself a sharper, clearer mind... a stronger immune system that fights off colds and flu before they start... a greater reduction of daily aches and pains... and literally DOZENS of other benefits... by stocking up on Organifi Gold today!

(This offer is good for one time ONLY)

Add 3 extra jars of Organifi Gold to your order for just $49.98 per bottle... save $89 off the total price... and make sure you never spend a day without the protection this elixir provides again!
A Quick Note From Drew:

Hi, friend! Coach Canole here.

I’m so excited you’ve decided to try Organifi Gold for yourself! I know you’re going to be blown away by everything this amazing herbal blend can do for you.

Not only will you be safeguarding yourself from the possibility of sickness in the future, you’re going to see immediate results from the start.

Your daily aches and pains are going to fade away. You’ll experience less sick days, thanks to the overload of antioxidants. You’ll be getting the deepest, most rejuvenating sleep of your life. And your mental focus will be sharper than a razor!

It feels great! And you’ll want that feeling every single day.

30 days goes by awfully fast, however. All of a sudden, you may find the bottle you ordered today running dangerously low... and that’s a scary feeling.

That weightless, nearly empty jar... that hollow scrape of the scooper clacking against the bottom... that sinking in your stomach as you count out the last few servings...

It’s frightening, not just because you’re running out...

It’s because you’re about to lose a lot of progress. Those results you’ve been increasing since you started... knowing that it could be days before you can get any more delivered... days without those benefits you’ve been stacking up.

Because THAT is the real secret to Organifi Gold, and all the other products we offer here:

The greatest benefits come from consistency and repetition.

When you take Organifi Gold every night, the specialized ingredients amplify their effects – continuing to work harder and harder for you.

But if you miss even one day, you might as well be starting over.

And if you don’t have another jar in reserve to continue your journey, you may have to wait as long as FIVE FULL DAYS to get more.

That’s why 90% of our customers have already decided to take advantage of this exclusive, one time only offer.

With three extra jars ready and waiting, there is absolutely no chance you’ll be running out any time soon.

And with this deep of a discount, you’re going to save BIG TIME today.

(This deal won’t be found anywhere else – not on Amazon or ANY other website!)

Like these other health-conscious customers, you’re dedicated to improving your health and longevity, and committed to giving yourself the best possible nutrition.

You don’t want to leave even one day to chance.

So why not grab three extra jars of Organifi Gold NOW while the savings are so good?

NOTE: This offer is only good today, right here. If you move away from this page, it will disappear. So consider carefully:

This price is only available to you, as a new buyer of Organifi Gold.

We want to give you a head-start on your new lifestyle.

So don’t let it slip away!

Here’s an extraordinary offer! Act now to take advantage of this once in a lifetime deal:

Get an additional 3 bottles of Organifi Gold for just $49.98 each... the lowest price you’ll ever see...
And make sure you never go another day without!

PLUS: We also pay shipping on these 3 bottles!

Yes! Upgrade My Order
Charge my card $149.95 and add THREE additional jars of Organifi Gold to my order — thanks for looking out for me, Drew! You’re a real pal.
Join the 9 out of 10 other customers who already jumped on this awesome offer and save $89 today!
Yes! Please add 3 extra bottles of Organifi Gold to my order at $49.98 each, each, saving me $89 on my order today!