Can This Delicious Elixir REALLY Ease Stress, Boost Energy And ERASE Belly Fat?

Hi Drew Canole here... you are about to hear a life-changing story...

…about how I went on a journey to discover an ancient solution that reduces the primary belly fat hormone by 27%1 in less than 90 seconds, and at the same time, unleashes 3 other fat-burning hormones that vanquish cravings, control your appetite and stop weight gain dead in its tracks.

If it’s become a struggle to lose weight, it may be because right now you have multiple hormones working AGAINST you.

It’s true. At this very moment there’s a chemical hurricane swirling deep inside your body. The dozens of man-made, unhealthy, fat-ballooning chemicals are assaulting your metabolism 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…

… sending your hormones spinning out of control, slowing down your metabolism, causing chronic disease, aging you prematurely and packing on additional unwanted fat….

… making it practically impossible to get rid of the unwanted fat clinging to your belly.

So if you’re frustrated with your current weight, if you’ve tried workout programs and diets and seen little in the way of real results then this article could change your life. That’s because…

You’re about to discover a simple solution to cool, calm and rebalance your hormones, quickly erasing impossible-to-lose belly fat by targeting it in 3 different ways--all at the same time.

Neutralize The 3 Root Causes Of A Bulging Belly, Revealing The Tight And Toned Tummy Underneath…

Yet, that’s just the beginning.

You'll also find out how feeling tired and fatigued all the time can quickly be replaced with a fresh new youthful vibrancy…

And you’ll be thrilled when I show you how to actually slow down and even reverse the visible signs of aging, looking and feeling younger than you have in years.

Fair warning... everything I say is backed up by hard science. That means you won’t find any ridiculous, unsubstantiated claims here.

Yet, what you will find is a simple solution that not only triggers your body to melt away problematic fat... but upgrades, energizes and enhances your health in at least a dozen other ways.

However, please read every word of this article right now. I can’t promise this will be available online for long, so keep reading now while you still can. By the end of this web page you may just have found

The One Thing That Can Help Give You The Body, The Look, The Youthful Vibrancy You Thought Had Gone Forever…

Hi, my name’s Drew Canole.

I’m the founder of One of the most popular health sites on the Internet with over 2 million Facebook fans.

Maybe you’ve seen me juicing on national TV. Now, I’m proud to say my work here at FitLife has changed thousands of peoples’ lives all over the country. I’m humbled by all the attention.

And I’m only just getting started.


You see, I’m on a mission to change the lives of 10 MILLION people worldwide.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve asked hundreds if not thousands of clients and customers:

“What would make it simpler, faster and easier for you to
get into the best health, weight and shape of your life?”

And there was one overwhelming response...

You see, I’ve discovered people want to feel better. They really do want to take better care of their health and their bodies. Yet…

They primarily want to be able to do it without a lot of trouble and expense… and in as fast a time as possible. Bottom line? Juicing is way too much hassle for most people!

So I began to wonder…

What if it was possible to create the most complete and ultra-convenient “DONE FOR YOU” youth enhancer?

It’s not a drug. It’s definitely not a pill. There are no artificial ingredients. It’s all natural, organic, and risk FREE!

So my team and I went on a journey:

We scoured the globe for a specific combination of ingredients that immediately contributes towards a better body... a clearer, more agile mind… and… boundless energy.

The foods, herbs and delicacies of far-off India, China, Russia, Japan, Europe… no place was off limits in our quest for the ultimate elixir of life.

Now, this was no easy task but boy, you’d be amazed at what we discovered!

We uncovered a master collection of ELEVEN foods, herbs and ingredients--some well-known, some not so much, but ALL renowned for their natural health and healing properties. Yet, we were only half the way there...

Because these ingredients came from the 4 corners of the globe, we had to figure out a way to integrate them into a single solution so my viewers, subscribers, customers and private clients could experience fat-melting, energy boosting, age-slowing benefits in only SECONDS a day...

… and with none of the hassle, time or expense of blending, mixing or juicing.

As you’ll read in a second…

After 3 years of painstaking research scouring the globe to uncover little-known super-ingredients… I believe we’ve finally cracked the code...

A brand new 30-second solution that makes it EASY for your body to automatically burn off fat… keep your metabolism in peak condition… and keep your energy levels sky-high all through the day.

Before I get around to that, I’d like to introduce you to follower...

I'd like you to meet Paula...

Paula dropped from a size 16 to a size 8!

Not too long ago, Paula was struggling. She had serious health challenges. She was overweight. According to the CDC, she would be considered obese.

Her mind was in a constant fog. She couldn’t think straight half the time, unless she had caffeine. She had no energy. Even getting out of bed each day was a chore. Making it through the day took Herculean effort.

Paula knew something had to change…

Maybe like you, she felt miserable. Helpless. Hopeless. Like there was nothing she could do. No end in sight to her situation.

One day though, while browsing the Internet, she stumbled across some of my clients’ case studies on one of the social media sites. One small post. But a post that inspired her to totally change the way she thought about food.

Paula took that first small step...

Every few days she headed off to the grocery store to pile her shopping basket high with nutritious organic foods. She’d spend anywhere $5 to $10 a day depending on what was on sale.

Then each morning, she set aside time to juice.

Now, juicing piles of fresh fruits and vegetables IS a smart thing to do. The benefits are well documented. From boosting your immune system to increasing energy and regaining a more youthful appearance.

And as you know… I’m kind of an advocate for juicing. Yet, even *I* have to admit, in the hectic rush of modern day life, juicing poses two significant challenges...

Finding the highest quality, ultra-nutritious, organic ingredients to make sure you get the best juice possible can be near impossible. And…

Finding the time AND the money to make it happen each day is, quite frankly, beyond the reach of most people...

It’s not easy. It requires commitment. Especially with the price of organic vegetables going up all the time. Fortunately, now there’s a much simpler (and cheaper) way. And Paula was willing to test-drive it for my team and me.

Yet even Paula wasn’t prepared for what happened...

Paula already had increased energy from her juicing regime, yet by switching to the simple routine I’m about to reveal…

… her energy levels shot through the roof. There’s a reason.

Paula was already losing weight thanks to the cravings-busting nutrition of the greens…

… yet changing up her routine kicked her metabolism into overdrive. Going onto lose an astonishing 40 POUNDS in pure fat.

And when she had her doctor check her out, he was wide-eyed in disbelief...

“Paula, what HAVE you been doing??”

Because her blood pressure lowered and her cholesterol levels plummeted. In fact, the improvement was so sudden, the doctor took her OFF 3 of her 4 medications immediately.

Now, can I guarantee this simple regimen will have the same effect on you? Of course not.

However, Paula’s story is a great example of what’s happening to people all around the world when they too implement this routine.

Paula eventually dropped from a size 16 to a size 8. And just LOOK at the Facebook comments she’s received ever since. People can’t believe it’s her!

So what was her secret?

What could possibly be more effective (and way easier) than juicing piles of organic vegetables?

The secret is in the synergy…

Can you upgrade your health, metabolism and energy levels with a simple routine? Well ask yourself this:

Can you stir a spoon?
Then you could see similar fat-melting results.

And if you’re thinking this is one of those disgusting-tasting green powders… you’re mistaken.

Imagine, if you will, a drink so refreshingly different AND delicious you can’t believe it’s actually GOOD for you. (And I’ll PROVE the amazing taste to you in just a moment.)

This formulation contains the 11 most in-demand ingredients and health benefits collected from the requests of more than 100,000 subscribers, coaching clients and customers.

They’re all right there in this almost magical green powder. Look how it dissolves completely in the water! It’s loaded with miraculous ingredients brought to you from the four corners of the globe.

And the best part is...

All the ingredients work in harmony to target stubborn fat, increase energy and boost metabolism in 3 different ways…

Here’s how these 11 ingredients restore, repair and rejuvenate your body:

Fat-Melting Step #1

First, the ingredients take care of the #1 reason you just can’t shift that belly fat…Stress!

That’s right, STRESS is the most common, (yet nearly always overlooked) reason so many people struggle to shift stubborn, unwanted fat as they get older.

Here’s how stress blocks your body’s natural fat-burning ability…

When you’re stressed your body unleashes a hormone called Cortisol. Otherwise known as Public Health Enemy No.1!2

Now, cortisol actually slows down your metabolism to a crawl.

It becomes slow, sluggish, stuck. And that is what causes your body to cling onto belly fat. Creating that muffin top or beer belly.

Fortunately, this green elixir almost immediately calms your stress levels and triggers your cortisol to subside, gradually soothing away belly fat.

And that’s just the first stage of this triple-pronged fat attack.

Fat-Melting Step #2

The next step is to take care of the nasty toxins clogging up your system.

Toxins invade our bodies on a daily basis through pesticides, soaps, plastics, dairy products, even car exhausts!

And in order to heal your body and reduce weight gain, you have to cleanse and purify your system first. You gotta flush out those toxins. Then your body is able to deal with the root cause of any illness or stubborn fat issues.

All of which leads to step 3…

Fat-Melting Step #3

Finally, it's time to balance your hormones.

Toxins like xenoestrogens that come to us from outside the body in hormone-stuffed meats and pesticides can cause your body to become estrogen dominant. What’s that?

Estrogen dominance is when your body contains excessively high levels of estrogen and a lack of its counter-hormone progesterone.

Simply put, your hormones are out of balance. And that leads to difficult-to-shift fat around the belly hips and thighs. However, you can regain hormonal balance by flushing your body free of harmful xenoestrogens.


Do that and you’ll lower stress, detoxify your body, re-balance your hormones

… and then you’re able to flood your cells with an abundance of amazing nutrients.

I’ll share each incredible ingredient with you in just a second. First, I want to draw your attention to just ONE.

Just one, single ingredient that fills me with awe on a daily basis. Yet few people even know about it…

What is this magical ingredient?

It’s called Ashwagandha.

Now, here’s what’s so special about this ingredient...

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen. That means it’s one of a unique group of herbs that actually help strengthen your body’s adrenal system.

Meaning it works to restore your body’s natural balance. Soothing away stress and re-balancing out of whack hormones.

Here’s the really cool part…

Most stress-relieving pills or formulas tend to sedate, making you sleepy and drowsy. Not Ashwagandha. It simply leaves you with a calm energy all through the day…

… allowing you to drift into a deep, restful, rejuvenating sleep at night.

Now, here’s the part I know you’re gonna love…

Because Ashwagandha reduces cortisol, your stress hormone (which as numerous studies have shown can cause your body to hold onto belly fat…3)

… you’ll quickly find unwanted fat melts away rapidly.

Bottom line? Ashwagandha makes you feel GREAT… and effortlessly slips your body into fat-burning mode instead of fat-gaining mode.

Ashwagandha...The King AND Queen Of Herbs…


A study published in the “Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine” shows that Ashwagandha achieves a highly significant reduction in stress and anxiety, and serum cortisol levels. In fact it was able to reduce cortisol up to 27.9%

Yet Ashwagandha doesn’t JUST help lower your cortisol and trigger your body to burn off stubborn, ugly fat.

It’s been used to improve memory and cognition too.

Researcher’s at the National Brain Research Center have conducted at least two clinical studies on mice that suggest Ashwagandha may reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease, specifically its effect on the sufferer’s memory and cognitive abilities.

And its been found to lift depression and anxiety leaving you to enjoy deep, restful sleep and an enhanced sense of wellbeing.


Yet, like I said, Ashwagandha is just ONE of ELEVEN stellar ingredients that can not only help you burn off unwanted fat, healing your body from the inside out…

keep reading and you'll learn more about each of these

…but increase your energy, lift your mood, sharpen your focus and even slow the aging process so you look younger than you have in years.

You’ll flush out toxins from your system and enjoy extra support against deadly diseases like diabetes, alzheimer's and cancer.

The secret is in the unique combination of ingredients. The synergy.
And this is something you simply can’t get anywhere else.

Listen, you know I believe very strongly we should all be getting our fruits and vegetables, our vitamins and minerals and antioxidants from juicing. Yet…

I also know… for many people… it’s almost impossible to get into a juicing routine. It’s time consuming, expensive and hard to find the best quality, organic ingredients.

If you’re like most people, you have little time to spare each day. Plus, spending $5-$10 dollars a day on fruits and vegetables is just not gonna happen.

So here’s the best news. Now you don’t have to juice AT ALL.

You don’t have to hunt for the highest quality ingredients. And you don’t have to spend any precious time or effort or huge amounts of money...

Because I’ve done all the work for you!

It’s like having little ol’ me in your kitchen blending together the highest-quality (and hardest to find) ingredients into one delicious drink. Ready for you each and every morning when you wake up.

Does that sound good? I’m so proud to introduce you to…

The world’s first utterly delicious ‘done for you’ green juice that causes your body to melt away fat in 3 different ways…

1. First it reduces the belly fat-bulging hormone cortisol by lowering your stress levels

2. Then it flushes your system free of nasty toxins and xenoestrogens… those damaging environmental chemicals and pollutants invading our bodies…

3. It balances your hormones. Kicking your metabolism into high gear, creating the perfect environment for your body to start burning fat rather than piling it on.

With each refreshing glass of Organifi, you feel secure in the knowledge your body is primed and ready to burn off that troublesome fat.

Plus, you’re getting a cornucopia of wholesome organic ingredients into your system every single day. Free of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, Organifi is certified USDA organic.

  • You’ll feel an increase in mental clarity… magnifying your memory, boosting your brain power and bringing clarity to your thinking…
  • The built-in hormone balancing properties relieve stress, making you feel calm, contented and relaxed…
  • Your skin gradually becomes clearer and more youthful, your hair is lustrous, nails are stronger…
  • Your immune system is turbo-charged, colds and flu rarely bother you…
  • Cravings disappear. You stop feeling hungry all the time…
  • And now you have more energy. Your body is in high-performance mode 24/7. Giving you more time and ability to be a better mom and wife… husband or father...

It’s as easy as 1… 2… 3!

Simply add a scoop to water, mix it in and drink it down.

The ingredients are farm-fresh and dehydrated to lock in all of nature’s goodness —
the vitamins, the minerals, the antioxidants, the phytoingredients, it’s all right there.

And let’s face it…
mixing a glass of Organifi is 20 times easier than juicing
fresh fruits and vegetables each day.

Organifi will work for you even if…

  • You’ve already tried dieting, exercise and those jittery weight loss pills that without ANY success…

  • You’ve attempted juicing a truckload of healthy fruits and vegetables but just couldn’t stick to a routine or find the time and money to keep at it…

  • And Organifi will be a revelation to you if you’ve tried green drinks before but that taste of wet grass put you off for life!


Because if there’s just ONE QUESTION on your mind, it’s:

How does Organifi taste?

So let me answer that right now. And I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised…

We worked hard to make this the best-tasting superfood drink out there.

Let’s face it. Many people either give up or can’t face getting started with a green juice regimen because of the taste. And who can blame them? A mouthful of wet grass is simply not pleasant.

Now you can look forward to drinking a glass of cool, refreshing Organifi juice each day. And the locked-in super-ingredients will take care of the rest.

Maiko Uhlich - "I have been drinking Organifi every single day for almost 3 weeks, my skin is smoother and hair looks shinier! Thanks to Drew and his team, you answered my prayer for a convenient, tasty, a true healthy green juice! "

Jill Besl - "Just got my first jar and tried it. It's definitely the best tasting green juice I've had! It does taste "green" but there is a hint of sweetness that makes it very palatable! "

Mary Kay Bevacco - "OMG, just had my first glass and I LOVE IT!!! So excited that it's so yummy! Yay! :) * "

Margie Curry - "Organifi is the greatest Super Green Juice you could ever want to drink. So many benefits without all the fuss. * "

Cleansing your body from the inside out… detoxifying… de-stressing... naturally and effortlessly melting away stubborn layers of fat

If you’ve read this far into this article you probably can’t wait to take that first delicious sip of Organifi. However, before you do that… allow me to reveal the exciting properties of the other incredible ingredients contained inside.

Let’s take a quick journey around the world…

My team and I scoured the globe to collect each ingredient from its SOURCE. Not some health food shop cheap imitation.

Powerhouse Ingredient #1: CHLORELLA

First, we’ll travel to South East Asia where a tiny green algae high in protein and polyunsaturated fats is grown.

Chlorella is often called nature’s ultimate multivitamin.

It’s so packed full of nutrition that ingesting Chlorella can dramatically help eliminate food cravings.

You see, cravings are nothing more than your body begging for nutrition.

So when you replace nutritionally empty foods with a powerful superfood like Chlorella you instantly feel more nourished, content and satisfied.

It gets even better...

In one Japanese study, Chlorella was shown to dramatically reduce body fat4 thanks to its ability to boost metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity.

Powerhouse Ingredient #2: Moringa

Now let’s travel to the foot of the Himalayas. It’s here you’ll find the Moringa tree. Otherwise known as ‘The Tree Of Immortality’.

Moringa leaves contain several thousand times more of the powerful nutrient zeatin than any other known plant, In other words? Moringa is an anti-aging powerhouse.5

Zeatin is part of a family of plant hormones known as cytokinins. Now, cytokinins boost cellular growth and slow the aging process.

Acting very much like antioxidants, cytokinins work by causing cells to divide faster than old cells die. The result? Fresher, more youthful skin cells, less wrinkles and a slowing of the aging process.

Powerhouse Ingredient #3: Spirulina

Our 3rd Powerhouse Ingredient was first discovered by the Aztecs in Central America. Like Chlorella, Spirulina is considered one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. And that means it crushes your cravings and helps you stay away from health-crippling junk food.

Spirulina has been found to increase fat burning through exercise and studies have also shown it can be beneficial if you’re concerned about cancer… allergies… high cholesterol… high blood sugar and cardiovascular disease.

Now, no food can treat any of these conditions. However, there is no doubt that high quality nutrition supports natural health and healing.

Here’s an amazing fact... Spirulina is so nutritionally dense that NASA and The European Space Agency are researching the benefits of incorporating spirulina into astronauts’ diets aboard spaceships and on Mars.

Powerhouse Ingredient #4: Mint

So with Ashwagandha, Chlorella, Moringa and Spirulina your body is feeling full, satisfied and cravings are a thing of the past… your stress levels are subsiding helping your body to burn off stubborn belly fat... AND your skin is beginning to look younger by the day.

To this fat-burning, youth-enhancing cocktail we add Powerhouse Ingredient #4: mint.

Mint doesn’t just work to keep your breath fresh… it also has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any food.

And just like Ashwagandha, it’s a calming and soothing herb used for thousands of years to help with upset stomachs and indigestion.

No doubt you’re beginning to see why Organifi is a juice like no other...

Powerhouse Ingredient #5: Beets

Now we fly along the coastline of North Africa, Asia and Europe to find a prehistoric vegetable that contains a variety of unique health-boosting nutrients. Nutrients you likely aren’t getting elsewhere.

Beets are powerhouse ingredient #5 because they detoxify and purify your blood and liver.

They contain no cholesterol and very few calories so they’re an awesome addition to a weight loss routine. One study in the UK found that beets enable us to exercise for longer by helping muscle oxygenation.

Powerhouse Ingredient #6: Matcha Green Tea

And now, the favorite beverage of Japanese monks makes for our sixth Powerhouse ingredient.

Matcha Green Tea again helps to lower stress… and that belly-bulging cortisol that goes along with it… thanks to the antioxidant ECGG

Now, ECGG not only lowers stress but balances your hormones and lowers your appetite. Studies have found Matcha Green Tea contains 100 times more ECGG than any other tea on the market.

Amazingly, Matcha is being used right now to create new therapies for the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

Powerhouse Ingredient #7: Wheatgrass

From Japan we fly across to Egypt and find a superfood worshipped by the Ancient Egyptians.

Wheatgrass is widely understood to be the best superfood for rejuvenating aging cells. It promotes a healthy aging process because it cleanses the blood, helping to rejuvenate aging cells and tighten loose and sagging skin.

Powerhouse Ingredient #8: Tumeric

Now let’s head back to India where we’ll locate a spice used for thousands of years as a medicinal herb.

Turmeric is Powerhouse Ingredient #8. It’s the spice that gives curry its yellow colour.

Recently, science has started to back up what the Indians have known for a long time… tumeric really does contain compounds with medicinal properties.

One study found that consumption of curcumin (a compound found within tumeric) directly decreased levels of insulin resistance and leptin resistance — two factors heavily linked to fat gain

More than 13 other peer-reviewed studies also reached similar conclusions, finding that turmeric intake is directly associated with increased healthy fat loss and decreased insulin issues.

Powerhouse Ingredient #9: Lemon

Now let’s take a trip to the sunny lemon groves of Italy. It’s amazing how often we overlook the humble citrus fruit.

Lemon, our 9th powerhouse ingredient cools and alkalizes the body. Something that is crucial for fighting disease and stabilizing your blood-sugar.

Powerhouse Ingredient #10: Coconut Water

Our 10th powerhouse ingredient, Coconut Water helps bind all the ingredients in Organifi together, transporting them through your system. It actually helps your body absorb all the nutrients. Like I always say “"You are not what you eat, you are what you absorb."

Plus, coconut water is high in potassium and helps flush out toxins from your kidneys.

Often known as “mother nature’s sports drink”, studies into coconut water also indicate that it may reduce high blood sugar levels and oxidative stress.

Other studies show that thanks to its high potassium content, coconut water may even help in the reduction of high blood pressure.

Powerhouse Ingredient #11: Ashwagandha

Finally of course, we have Ashwagandha. Powerhouse ingredient #11 and my personal favorite.

As we’ve already explored, Ashwagandha contains multiple incredible properties.

The best being its ability to calm and lower stress levels. Freeing your body from cortisol and erasing stubborn belly fat.


Now you know what’s in there, let me ask you a question…

Have you EVER seen a single drink with so many high quality, health-boosting, fat-melting ingredients?

The reason I created, designed and formulated Organifi is because nothing else out there even comes close.

Simply put…

I wanted to drink this so much I had to create it for myself!

Now YOU get the benefit of my 3 years of researching, testing and formulating.

As you can imagine, getting hold of all these ingredients is no easy task. And to get them all together at an unbelievable price was close to impossible

For instance, if you were to go out and buy Ashwagandha alone, it would set you back $29.99 lb


Yet the real key to Organifi is the synergy -- each ingredient working in harmony to create a delicious, fat-melting, immune system-boosting drink like no other.

And don’t just take it from me…
Look. If you’re suffering with stubborn, unwanted fat…

If getting out of bed in the morning is a drag…

If it’s a struggle to get through the day…

If you’re beginning to feel OLD. Lacking energy, feeling fatigued all the time, your mind is foggy, your memory weak.


“Don’t you think it’s time to put some new juice in your tank?”

Because you’re not going to have to invest the $264.32 it would normally cost to put together all these ingredients yourself…
(Remember, that doesn’t include scouring the globe to locate each ingredient in its purest, organic state.)

And anyone who’s tried juicing regularly knows that spending up to 10 bucks a day on vegetables gets old pretty fast.

So here’s the BEST news…

Because Organifi is brand new to the market, and because I know that as soon as you try it you’ll hardly be able to wait to tell your friends and family…

For a limited time, we’re making Organifi available at $20 OFF the regular low, low price.

That’s just over a buck a day for the master collection of eleven ingredients… with all the energy and beauty-enhancing properties locked in...

… for way cheaper than juicing.

Just pick your option from the choices below.

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Yet if you’re reading this article, it means we have a brand new batch of Organifi in stock right now and ready to ship direct to your door.

So click on your choice below and get started burning fat and feeling GREAT. Plus…

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In fact, I guarantee you’ll lose significant weight… gain more energy… feel calmer, more relaxed and experience a sharper, clearer mind…

I guarantee you’ll experience ALL of that OR you get all your money back before the 30 days are up.

There’s really no risk to you at all.

You’ve got nothing to lose and a brand new, lean, rejuvenated body and mind to gain.

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It’s the same meal plan I use with my high-end transformation clients who pay me thousands of dollars to visit them and deliver a meal plan that works.

You’re gonna find out how to lose weight by eating MORE!

More delicious, taste bud-tantalizing food than you’d think was actually good for you. But it is!

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Here’s the best part…

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I’m forming a movement... a band of men and women who have had enough of the way things are...

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Haven’t you’ve been struggling with your weight, your low energy levels and that feeling of discontent for far too long?

The feeling there’s simply no time to look after yourself. No time to change the way you eat. To workout at the gym.

Yet it’s totally understandable with the hectic rush of modern life. There IS no time.

However, if you continue to put it off... the only possible outcome is increased fat gain, failing health and even some nasty disease…

… diabetes, heart problems, maybe even cancer.

I don’t mean to scare you, I just want you to know… you DO have a choice.

Look. Everything good in life comes from having great physical health first!

When you feel GOOD, it creates a ripple effect. One that runs right through your relationships. Your job. Your family.

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Imagine what it will be like when that first tub of Organifi shows up at your door.

I promise: you won’t be able to wait to tear off the wrapper and unscrew the lid. Take a look at how I felt when I received my first box from our fulfilment center…

Then you dip in your measuring spoon and scoop up the fine, green miracle powder…

All those ingredients locked in there, waiting to flood your cells with an abundance of health-giving ingredients.

Pour it into a glass of water. You won’t need to add anything else because Organifi just tastes so good on its own.

Give it a stir and - hey presto! - a youthful elixir in a glass.

And as you gulp that juice down don’t be surprised if you feel a little rush of anticipation and excitement at what’s going to happen for you.

Because pretty soon you’ll feel a kind of calm, constant energy. Everything begins to feel a little easier… you’re no longer worried, anxious or stressed. You take everything in your stride. Life flows.
And over the next few days, weeks and months you begin to notice significant, lasting changes…

The weight is dropping off. Your cravings have vanished.

You have energy all through the day. Even when it’s late in the evening, you still have that calm yet alert feeling.

You’re alive with energy and vibrancy. Maybe for the first time since you were a teenager!

And you’re well on the way to that lean, strong, sexy body you’ve always wanted.

Have you ever noticed how anybody who’s getting the right nutrition each day just has that healthy glow?

Now it’s YOUR turn. Now you can get the same, glowing, healthy look in just 30 seconds a day.

Here’s the truth:
The fact your body has packed on pounds over the years really isn’t your fault. You can’t be held responsible for all the demands and distractions of modern life.

And let’s face it. We all have little choice at the grocery store or restaurants and takeaways over what we can put into your bodies.

Nearly everything available to us is riddled with toxins or preservatives.

Sure, you KNOW you could eat healthier, you may even have tried juicing before, yet it’s difficult to stick to any routine.

Now, while that may NOT be your fault, right now IS your opportunity to make a change and transform your life.

And all it takes is a click of a button and the stir of a spoon to do just that.

One Bottle


($57.95 each)

Save $22



Three Bottles


($49.98 each)

Save $89



Six Bottles


($41.65 each)

Save $229




Here’s my promise to you…

If you’re not over the moon with the taste. If you’re not thrilled at the real, visible results on your body, health and mind that come from drinking a glass of Organifi each day... Then I don’t want your money... It’s as simple as that.

Your investment is fully backed up by our iron-clad 100% money back guarantee.

Just drink a glass each day and watch what happens: You’re going to drop a few pounds… you’ll FEEL better… you don’t have to worry about pesticides and heavy metals and all that stuff… You’ll get a surge of energy and any nagging health issues begin to dissolve away.

So make your choice below and remember…

You’re not ‘just’ getting a batch of Organifi, you’re joining a growing tribe of people who want to improve their own health AND the lives of those around them.

Think about it... you simply become a better person when you’ve got your health taken care of. How could you not?

When you’re always feeling good… when you know you’ll be around for a long, long time to get the most out of life… when you know you can be there for the friends and family that are closest to you…

Life just takes on a different dimension.

So make your choice below and give Organifi a risk-free taste-test…

And I’ll never leave you hanging either… our support team are some of the friendliest people on the planet …
maybe because they’re all full to the brim with Organifi!
… and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours no matter what question you may have.

When you join the Organifi family, it really IS a family. We look out for one another. So rest assured you’ll always feel taken care of.

The clock is ticking! Here’s why you shouldn’t put this off any longer…

First, as you recall, I’m slashing $20 OFF the regular price of Organifi.

Yet that price is only for a limited time during our grand opening period…
That means eventually the price will go up to its regular retail price of $67 a bottle.

So by making your choice below NOW you can guarantee the best ever price for your Organifi…

Remember, if you were to juice this many high-quality ingredients, it would cost you between 5 and 10 dollars per day!

Yet you can get a 30 day supply or more of Organifi for the low, low price you see below. Just over a buck a day or LESS if you take one of the bigger packages.

On top of that, all of the bonus reports and programs are also only available as part of our grand opening offer. They too will disappear soon.

I think you know what to do now. Be brutally honest with yourself for just a second:
Deep down you KNOW, if you don’t act on this right now… if you don’t make your choice from the options below…

You may NEVER get to taste the youth-enhancing benefits of Organifi…

You and I both know life gets in the way and you’ll miss out on this opportunity.
And you’ll certainly miss out on getting my $47 ‘Give Your Body 30!’ program for FREE.

You’ve got a real chance right in front of you to upgrade your health, your energy, your physique.

To get that lean, energetic, attractive body you’ve always wanted…

To be in the best possible physical condition so you can be there for your family and friends when they need you. Yet..

If you don’t seize this chance right now, you know what’ll happen. Your one chance will get lost in the bustle of life. And you’re right back to where you started.

So don’t risk it, take the smart option and claim your first batch of Organifi today.

It’s NEVER been faster, easier or cheaper to get the nutrients your body craves.

Taste-test Organifi and I guarantee, you’ll never look back.

This is Drew Canole, thanks for listening and remember…

We’re in this together.


One Bottle


($57.95 each)

Save $22



Three Bottles


($49.98 each)

Save $89



Six Bottles


($41.65 each)

Save $229


Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back