5,120 Year Old Indian Dessert
Knocks You OUT Like A Sleeping Pill...
(but with zero side effects!)

Ancient Indian doctors (masters of Ayurvedic Healing) held a powerful secret about deep sleep...

They knew that deep slow-wave delta sleep is the most restorative gift you can give your body... and this simple Indian dessert beverage from 5,120 years ago is like an all-natural sleeping pill!

It gently relaxes you... until you feel sleepy... then you totally pass out! Best part? There are ZERO side effects. Amazing!

Just imagine...

Your head hits the pillow, and the next morning you step on the scale.... Another 2 pounds LOST!

Or after a week of deep Delta sleep, you feel stronger and your friends tell you how SKINNY you look!

Oh, but that’s just the beginning...

Now you practically BOUNCE out of bed overflowing with energy like you just guzzled three energy drinks...

And with all of that energy coursing through your system, you get 3X more done EVERY day...

It gets even better...

You also move more freely without any fear of hurting. Your joints and bones LOVE you now...

After this powerful sleep, even your BRAIN is more awake! You feel less distracted, have crystal clear thoughts and become ‘quick & nimble’ with your thinking. Not only are you razor sharp again… you’ve taken a giant step to preventing Alzheimer’s forever!

And here’s what REALLY counts... Beyond looking fantastic in that full length mirror, in addition to having the energy and brain power like you had 10 or even 20 years ago...

You’ve built an immune system that rivals Fort Knox! You’ll probably go MONTHS without reaching for your medicine cabinet or missing work. ‘Flu season’ doesn’t stand a chance... and the really scary diseases — like cancer — won’t stand a chance!

And All It Takes Is Enjoying A Delicious Golden Milk Tea Before Sleeping Like A Baby Each Night!

Take a sip. Feel the centuries of traditional healing knowledge enter your body.

And experience that warm & fuzzy ‘snuggled on a couch next to a fireplace’ feeling... as a sweet, creamy tea soothes your taste buds and soul.

The pure, all-organic superfood ingredients revitalize you. And you enjoy the deepest, baby-like shut-eye when you lay your head to rest. You wake up with boundless energy, and realize how much you’ve missed this experience every morning!

It feels like your body & brain function traveled back in time to DECADES ago.

Beyond greater energy, beyond a sharper mind, you’ll practically FEEL the fat and weight melting away. Because this scrumptious Golden Milk Tea I’m about to tell you about has an EXTRAORDINARY hidden benefits...

WARNING: Your Metabolism Is DAMAGED And Needs Your Attention Pronto!

With all of the gimmick and yo-yo dieting, overtraining and limiting the amount of food that Americans are known for, there’s a lasting effect...

It’s called “Damaged Metabolism”.

And it’s just what its name implies: Your body’s ability to metabolize foods is WEAKENED or DAMAGED.

We all know the one friend who can eat anything she wants and yet always looks like a fitness model. Well, when your body succumbs to Damaged Metabolism, the OPPOSITE is true...

It doesn’t matter what you eat or DON’T EAT, your Damaged Metabolism results in ugly fat, frustrating weight gain and problem areas on your body.

I’m here to tell you that once your metabolism is damaged and working AGAINST you, there’s very little you can do to reverse it...


Yes, the extraordinary and delicious tea I’m about to introduce you to has been proven through scientific studies and real world proof to actually REVERSE your Damaged Metabolism.

That’s right. Simply sip the tea before bedtime, and while you sleep, your metabolism goes into OVERDRIVE!

Morning comes, and you’ll want to jump out of bed and run to that bathroom scale. Most mornings you’ll be shocked at how much fat and pounds you “worked off” in your sleep!

That’s the secret! And it’s why THOUSANDS are flocking to this one-of-a-kind tea!

The Secret To Kicking Metabolism Into Overdrive…
Is The 2,000% Absorption Increase

If you can “turn back the clock” on each of these things with the exact superfoods listed below, you’ve got the magic formula to slice 20 years off the way you move & feel.

It isn’t anything new. It’s an ancient formula for restoring and preserving youthfulness all over again. In fact, just ONE of these superfood ingredients alone has been used for millennia in Ancient India and China, due to its powerful restorative root.

You’ll also see the easy ‘trick’ we used to make it 2000% more absorbable by your body - making all these superfoods enormously MORE powerful, so you experience something amazing. (We’ve already included the ‘secret ingredient’ in the golden tea recipe.)

testimonial4 testimonialm4

"I love this simple solution... it really relaxes me at night. There are some nights where I still carry all the stress of the day with me… it just helps me relax a little bit more. I get a little better sleep with it.

Oscar D. Verified Customer

testimonial5 testimonialm5

"Sleep is our time to rest and repair. So no matter what health concern you’re working on, sleep is going to help get you there - to the healing process. This tea is going to help you stay asleep, and wake up rested. I love… having something that’s safe and effective for my patients to be able to use."

Dr. C. Bradshaw Verified Customer

testimonial6 testimonialm6

"I love it because it’s a perfect way end to the day. I know it’s great for recovery with the turmeric and ginger… it’s my late night snack.”

Tom L. Verified Customer

Do You Suffer From Joint Pain And Inflammation?
If You Said “YES!”, You’re Only Living HALF A Life!

It’s just not fair. Nobody should have to constantly suffer with pain day in and day out. Pain that keeps you from doing the things you love. Going for a walk. Picking up your kids or grandkids. Running, biking, swimming. Even lifting weights or yoga class.

Sure, you want to live your life like you did when you were 20 or even 10 years younger. But your body screams “NO!” as your inflammation, joint pain and stiffness bring your activity to a screeching halt.

Rather than living HALF a life...

Rather than sacrificing many of the activities you love...

What if you could be as active as you wanted to be? Just like you did years ago. Rather than feeling tight and stiff in the morning, your knees and other joints felt just fine! No matter what you did — from a simple stroll to climbing a mountain — your body SIMPLY WORKED! Without pain, without stiffness!

Well, it’s certainly not magic. It’s the potent combination of mixing turmeric and ginger! Ancient cultures have used turmeric for over 5,000 years. It’s because they have amazing medicinal properties including an important compound called curcumin. Curcumin not only reduces inflammation, which helps eliminate your chronic pain, it also boosts antioxidant enzymes which keep your cells free from damage.

Oh, we’re just getting started. It also relieves chronic pain, boosts your brain function and supports heart health. And mixed with ginger which contains gingerol, you have a ONE-TWO potent punch that gives you your FULL life back!

How 5 Rare Superfoods (and One Common Kitchen Spice) Promote DEEP, Restorative Delta Wave Sleep....
Removing All These Horrible Sleep Problems With Just A Few Sips Before Bed!

You might laugh. But I’ll tell what’s already sitting inside your kitchen that boosts the absorption of these ‘super ingredients’ by a whopping 2000% 6 by your body…

… making a mind-blowing transformation of your energy, sleep, joints, and immunity possible.

Now if we haven’t met, my name is Drew Canole. I’m the founder of FitLife.tv – a 2 million strong tribe of health-conscious men and women committed to upgrading their health, their bodies and their lives!

As the leader of this wonderful company, I’m committed to sharing educational, inspirational and entertaining videos and articles about health, fitness, healing and longevity.

I’m also proud to say that one of our brands, Organifi, is a top seller on Amazon and has been picked as ‘Amazon’s Choice’, with thousands of positive reviews. Our products are pure, 100% USDA Certified organic, straight from nature, and absolutely change lives.

Now fast forward a bit, and my team and I kept hearing a common issue people faced during cold winter seasons, flu season, and when something was ‘going around’ in the office or at home.

These women and men were also not well rested. “Sleeping like a baby” was a forgotten experience. They were also at a point where moving around was just not as enjoyable anymore, due to their joints and bones.

But WAIT! Sure, Being Pain-Free, Losing Weight & Boosting Your Energy Is AWESOME. But Never Forget What Comes FIRST...

Ask any 90-year-old who spends his days tucked into a corner of the nursing home... not able to remember his children’s names… forgetting who his wife is and repeating himself over and over because he can’t remember what he just told you...

Ask him if he would rather have his MIND back or the use of his legs. I already KNOW what the answer would be.

Losing your mental faculties is not anything you would wish upon your worst enemy. Alzheimer’s. Dementia. Forgetting everything and everyone is no way to live. Therefore, your mind MUST come FIRST!

Sure, you know it’s decades away… but how would you describe your mind right now? Is it as sharp as a tack, or are you feeling like a ‘rusty old car’ upstairs?

Maybe your mind isn’t as sharp as it once was. Maybe you’ve had little incidents like forgetting people’s names at a party or forgetting where you left your keys. Or maybe your brain is just a bit ‘foggy’ and you’re mentally dragging at work. These are warning signs that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Yes, your mind absolutely must come first, both NOW and when you’re older. Because having the gift of a sound mind throughout your ENTIRE life is one of the greatest blessings you could ever ask for.

So we took note of these common patterns for people as they became older adults. And we realized that it often involved four things: their mind, body, sleep, and immunity!

We also knew TWO things prevented people from getting the very best benefits out of healthy nutrition, to help solve these problems:

But we knew that if we could take our expertise and deep knowledge of superfoods (which we believe hold the answers to endless health issues)... and somehow combine absorbable foods with irresistibly delicious taste without adding harmful or impure ingredients...

We’d have arguably the greatest ‘youth-infusing elixir’ on the planet. We could slow and possibly help reverse ‘father time’ for countless people.

And that’s when I remembered my research and discovery of the ONE ingredient found in every kitchen cabinet in America… that amazingly makes these super foods 2000% more absorbable:

Black Pepper Piperine!

Piperine is a powerful phytochemical found within black pepper. Yep, the stuff you probably use frequently on your food.

The magic is in how it affects your body. When you ingest a plant with restorative properties, something interesting happens. Your enzymes break it down and limit the potency. Piperine naturally stops those enzymes in their tracks!

This allows the power restorative qualities to impact your whole body INSTANTLY — Sometimes 20 times stronger! It turns just about any nutrient and food into a SUPERFOOD!


However, we didn’t just stop at Black Pepper Piperine…

We added 2 more absorption-boosting super herbs to make this a combination unlike any other. It would give you the kind of impact most people have NEVER seen from superfoods - an experience you’d notice quickly and profoundly.

We Added It To Our Superfood Recipe To Create Mother Nature’s Most Powerful ‘Golden Tea’...

The Recipe Includes 3 Of Nature’s Most Powerful Soothing ‘Super’ Organics:

Maximum Strength Turmeric

It’s been used for over 4,000 years. Ancient India and even China recognized turmeric as a powerful restorative root. Today, over 2,000 peer reviewed studies suggest turmeric’s power, including keeping the Big “C” — Cancer — away, takes your immunity to a whole new level, promotes fat loss and helps prevent Alzheimer’s. Here, we’ve included a full clinically tested dose. Plus, our unique, proprietary harvesting method makes each dose 4 times STRONGER! That’s 4X more cancer-fighting, Alzheimer’s preventing and fat loss activating power!



This you’ve heard. Ginger is the “swiss army knife” of superfoods. It’s revered as the #1 alternative restorative plant in hundreds of countries. It’s used the world over for digestion7, flues, colds8, achy muscles9 and other illnesses. It also prevents and fights deadly diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more! Plus, it’s another tool in your health toolbox to fight discomfort.1


Reishi Mushroom

It’s called “The King of Mushrooms”. It was brewed into an “immortal youth tea” in ancient Japan. Even more modern studies praise its impact on longevity. Makes sense because it acts as Bruce Lee against many diseases, including cancer, chronic inflammation, heart disease. Plus, one study showed that Reishi could not only be helpful to reduce the cognitive decline of Alzheimer’s, but could also do so for a wide swathe of neurological disorders. Reishi has also been used as a natural form of muscle relaxation in modern Chinese medicine. 10


With ONE Sleep Enhancing Herb You MUST Take:

Lemon Balm

It’s known as “The Calming Herb”. In the 1600s, nuns near Mt. Carmel created a “relaxation tea” with these fragrant smelling leaves.The recipe has spread all through Europe since. Nowadays, lemon balm is a major ingredient in natural sleep supporting drinks and essential oils.


And The Greatest Discovery For Immunity In History:

Turkey Tail Mushroom

It looks exactly how it sounds. Turkey Tail is a restorative mushroom which resembles a turkey’s tail. It’s restorative effects on human immunity are spell-binding. It was revered as a secret “magical cure-all” among Native American cultures for centuries. Then scientists caught on. In 2013, The National Institute Of Health was so impressed, they invested $5.4 million into Turkey Tale research.


And Finally, Our Secret Combination That Made Restorative Herbs Even MORE Absorbable!

Black Pepper Piperine

The powerful phytochemical within black pepper we discussed above! Its powerful restorative qualities impact your whole body FAST. (Sometimes 20X stronger!)


Coconut Milk

Coconut gives us a trustworthy saturated fat. See, some vitamins are fat soluble. Without some fat, these vitamins just pass through your body. So here we include some good fats. This way, the vitamins are “snuck” into the bloodstream by latching onto a fat carrier cell.



Cinnamon – A common spice? Hardly. Wars were fought for centuries over this precious superfood. In Ayurveda, cinnamon was used to soothe and comfort people through the aging process. Including it here ensures a hint of warm flavor prized by ancient healers for thousands of years.


Acacia Fiber Prebiotic

It’s another absorbability “hack”. Acacia fiber is actually an organic tree sap. More importantly, it’s “food” for the bacteria in your gut. You’ve heard of probiotics? Well, prebiotics feed the probiotics. This aids proper digestion of all 8 previous ingredients for MAXIMUM strength and absorbability!12


We Also Added Our Famous Organifi ‘Touch’ To Make It Taste Incredibly Delicious… Without Artificial Sweeteners or Added Sugar

The sweet yummy-ness comes from none other than organic Monk Fruit, which itself is a superfood!

And as usual, we nailed it.

People got the experience of drinking a warm, soul-soothing delicious tea - which took them back to such a happy and calm place, they couldn’t WAIT to drink it every day and enjoy the wonderful experience.

testimonial-1 testimonialm1

"To see an almost immediate difference in how I felt, my energy levels, and my mood… every day is a gift. I love this superfood tea!”

Becky R. Verified Customer

testimonial-2 testimonialm2

"If you’re sore and fatigued, your muscles won’t do what they’re supposed to. So I love this nighttime tea. The sleep quality you get from it and the medicinal values of ginger…detoxifying, being good on your joints. You wake up in a lot better state. You only get one body!"

Ron V. Verified Customer

testimonial-3 testimonialm3

"This gives me the energy I need when I start my day. I don’t get that slumped, fatigued, tired feeling. All the superfoods magnify my ability to work throughout the whole day.”

Tina V. Verified Customer

Introducing Organifi Gold!

A Warm, Soothing Tea Made With Miraculous Herbs For Beating Discomfort Day & Night!

Buy Now!

To make this delicious bedtime deal even sweeter for you. I wanted to give you three extremely helpful FREE gifts…

First, I want to make sure you’re doing ALL the right things to fall asleep and STAY asleep in addition to drinking your delicious bedtime elixir.

That’s why I’m giving you a $27 Sleep book for free.

Inside The Better Sleep Guide, you’ll discover:

Second, I’m giving you the key to trimming down with superfoods… because I KNOW personally how tough it can be to lose weight. I used to be 38 pounds overweight!

That’s why I’m giving you Superfoods That Target Fat (also a $27 book) for FREE!

Here’s what’s inside waiting for you:

Finally, I need to CAUTION you about something serious... You could be wasting money on “counterfeit turmeric”. It’s low-grade turmeric cheap brands pass off on you as an inflammation reducer... that doesn’t work!

That’s why I need you to read The Truth About Turmeric.

Rather than ask you to invest $27 to get this critical information, it’s yours FREE when you grab your Organifi Gold today.

Inside The Truth About Turmeric you’re uncovering:

Now Let’s Take A Look At Who Else Organifi Has Helped:

We studied the most powerful natural superfoods and nutrients for deep sleep. Then we added the miraculous superfoods to build up a Fort Knox-like defense against ‘sick days’, and also for joint support.

We ensured that this potent formula would do a number on your Damaged Metabolism and allow you to melt away fat, calories and pounds literally IN YOUR SLEEP!

Then, we added today’s most proven ingredients that enhance your brain function, allowing you to think more clearly and sharply than you have in years. And as a bonus, you’ll prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s later on in life.

We mixed. We tested. We tasted.

Now it’s ready! Just drop a glowing Golden scoop into some warm water. Mix it up and drink it. And know and believe that you can and WILL get better.

Organifi Gold contains each of the exact superfood ingredients listed above in just the perfect amounts, plus the incredible ‘absorption boosting’ combo… along with a mouth-watering sweet and creamy flavor.

Like all of our foods, Organifi Gold is:

With Every Sweet & Creamy Serving You Get...

Soothing Herbs

Aging is natural. It doesn’t have to hurt. Over 100 million Americans feel this way too. Yes, you CAN feel better. Move freely again, without hurting. Stand tall, bend your knees, and walk up stairs with confidence. Feel the freedom of living without hurting.

This recipe is packed with restorative herbs specifically chosen to respond to your body’s discomfort.. These are gently dried leaves, roots, and superfoods. Many have been used for thousands of years in ancient Native American, Asian, and North African cultures.

Antioxidants To Give Cold & Flu Seasons A Kick In The Pants

Antioxidants are miracle helpers. They have a certain way of “welding the wiring” between cells. When your cells can communicate better, your immune-defense is amazing. Nobody likes not feeling well through the night - it is completely miserable. Now, flu season doesn’t stand a chance. 8

Even better, you’ll build up an immunity to deadly diseases as well. Cancer and heart disease don’t stand a chance when you’re enjoying this potent combination of these heavyweight fighting ingredients!

Deep Sleep-Enhancing Phytonutrients

Are you sleeping DEEP? It’s essential. It’s probably the most important thing you’ll do today. Deep sleep is your body’s chance to “detox.” It’s when your cells get rejuvenated.

Deep sleep is when your bones grow. It’s when your joints get lubricated. It’s when you fight diseases. Plus of course, after a night of deep sleep: You’ll see yourself waking up with boundless, youthful energy like you once used to.

Nootropic Properties For ‘Mental’ Razor Sharpness

Enjoy laser concentration. Shine brightly with new ideas at work. And remember names and directions like you used to. ‘Nootropic’ superfoods are wildly popular. Some of them improve oxygen supply to the brain. It’s no wonder doctors, surgeons, and high level executives use these superfoods to be ‘in the zone’ when the pressure is on!

Plus, you may no longer have to fear neurological problems as you age. We’ve packed so many brain-enhancing ingredients in this formula that Alzheimer’s and dementia don’t stand a chance.

Save Your Money

How much is it worth? This recipe has the clinically tested doses of several superfoods you might see sold individually. Many women and men over 40 already purchase individual supplements for each of these issues above. Finally, they are all here together in a much more affordable solution!

Save Your Time

It’s only 10 seconds. It mixes smooth. It’s creamy and delicious. It’s never been easier to take such powerful, natural superfoods to rejuvenate and relax, and feel better.

testimonial-1 testimonialm1

"What an unexpected warm, sweet treat to soothe frazzled nerves and bring a calm sense of clarity to the rest of my day. This turmeric gold goodness did not disappoint. I just may turn it into a daily staple!” Individual results may vary.

Megan Hall Verified Customer

testimonial-2 testimonialm2

"I’m so excited to see that Organifi nailed the taste again with Organifi gold! I feel calm, grounded and very relaxed after drinking it. Drinking gold is my new favorite part of my evening ritual :heart: oh yeah, and had the BEST night of sleep." Individual results may vary.

Shanna Mota Verified Customer

testimonial-3 testimonialm3

"The perfect pre-bedtime warming drink! The best part is that it tastes amazing with water or almond milk (I like it warm). My new replacement for Pumpkin Spice Lattes!” Individual results may vary.

Amy Beaver Verified Customer

A Word of Caution:
Organifi Gold Is NOT For Everyone.

While Organifi Gold may appear to be the perfect formula for every single person, there are a number of people who DO NOT NEED to enjoy this delicious beverage before bedtime.

But, for the rest of us... you finally have the ultimate health equalizer! Even if you weren’t born with a super-fast metabolism, an ironclad immune system, truckloads of energy or a sharp mind, you can NOW become that person you’ve always wanted to be!

What If I Told You It Costs
Less Than A Cup Of Coffee Each Day?

And We’ll Buy Back The Empty Container If You Don’t Love It!

You could keep trying to compensate for your lack of energy, being ‘under the weather’, and just feeling lousy by making trips to your favorite coffee shop or medicine cabinet each morning...

You could stick with your Damaged Metabolism, sigh a deep breath every time you walk pass a full length mirror and regret what the bathroom scale has to tell you...

You could roll the dice with deadly and scary diseases such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s...

Or you could do something DIFFERENT. BETTER.

Nowadays, you’d be lucky to spend less than $2-$3 on a single cup of joe, just to give you a (temporary) wake-up and some feel good energy… that won’t last very long.

Once you get the mid-afternoon ‘crash’ after the caffeine wears off... you’re back to feeling terrible again. Your mental fog, drowsiness, and aches & pains just make you want to lay back down. And it’s not even 5 o’clock yet!

Plus, the denatured quality of the coffee or tea, mixed with artificial sweeteners, sugars, and dairy creamers... only make it harder to keep your body, mind, and health in the best shape.

Also, over-the-counter drugs don’t really get to the root of the problem either. You just get rid of the discomfort for the time being... until it comes back. So you keep having to take more. And the vicious cycle continues.

More money lost on temporary fixes. No real, long-term answer. Before you know it, the cost of doctor visits, prescriptions, and treatments begin to pile up. As you age, things are just not getting any better.

It’s Time To Do Something Different and Much Smarter With Your Money...

You need a superior solution that saves you big time. One infused with SUPERB, all-natural, organic, non-GMO, vegan, dairy & soy free superfoods that get to the bottom of it. And that still feeds your craving for delicious, warm, sweet, and creamy stuff... without harmful, unnatural ingredients!

Organifi Gold Is Your Answer
Just $2.33 Per Day (Or Less!)

It just wouldn’t make sense for us to make Organifi Gold as expensive as buying the ingredients separately. And definitely not as expensive as a fancy drink from Starbucks. What good would that do? It wouldn’t do our fans any favors.

We had to make it so that getting Organifi Gold made SO much perfect sense for you money-wise and health-wise.

Since we have long-standing relationships with suppliers to give us deep discounts on the ingredients, we can easily pass the savings onto you. That’s why we decided to put a no-brainer price on it.

If you get the 30-Day supply, it comes out to just $2.33 per day. And the more you order, the cheaper it gets!

So choose your option below:


Due to demand we have a hard time keeping products in stock. If you love Organifi Gold (you probably will) you might have to wait a LONG TIME to get your next order!

That's why we recommend buying in bulk and saving BIG! Remember: you can always return it for a full refund if you don't absolutely love it!

Individual Bottle

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Our Call-Us-Crazy 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s our ‘call us nuts’ promise…


Try the entire container for 60 days. If you’re not elated with the deliciously healthy experience, and loving the way you feel, rest, think, and move throughout your day…

We’ll buy back the empty container from you! Yes, we’ll give you every dollar back as a 100% full refund, even if the container is completely empty. No questions asked. Just let us know within 60 days.

Even if you simply don’t like the flavor, we’ll honor your refund completely within your 60 days.

Go ahead. Tell us we’re out of our minds. We know some people may take advantage of us and ask for their money back just to take us for a ride. But we’re so confident you’re going to be blown away at the experience and taste of Organifi Gold, we’re willing to take on such a risk.

Choose how much you want to save, and click the ‘Buy Now’ button under your order option below.

You’ll be taken to a completely secure checkout page, where you’ll enter your payment and shipping details, and that will only take a few minutes. After that you’ll be done! Just sit back and relax, as we immediately ship out your order of Organifi Gold right to your doorstep.

It will arrive fast. As soon as you get it, you’ll then pour a scoop into warm water, mix it up, and savor every sip with a smile on your face. You’ll let the superb concoction of mother nature’s most powerful ‘super herbs’ go to work!

Things will turn amazing for you in the most delicious way.

So choose your cost-saving option now:


Due to demand we have a hard time keeping products in stock. If you love Organifi Gold (you probably will) you might have to wait a LONG TIME to get your next order!

That's why we recommend buying in bulk and saving BIG! Remember: you can always return it for a full refund if you don't absolutely love it!

Individual Bottle

Save 12%


Regular Price: $79.95

Super Saver Best Price
Order 3 Get 2 FREE!

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Regular Price: $399.75

Order 2 Get 1 Free

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Regular Price: $239.85

Warning! It’s Flying Off The Shelf

Having people fall madly in love with our stuff has created quite a challenge for us here at Organifi. Having a superbly healthy and delicious product that people CRAVE, and that comes at such a low price…

… makes it almost impossible for us to keep up with orders.

We frequently run into issues with supply, and either have to put orders on hold, put a big fat ugly ‘sold out’ sign on our site, or increase our prices to handle the demand.

Signs are that things are about to get crazy inside our warehouse because of Organifi Gold. So please don’t be upset if you see a temporary ‘sold out’ sign on the checkout page, or get a notification that your order is put on hold. (We’re really sorry in advance.)

As of now, we have just enough supply to ship out immediately. So please don’t wait another moment to place your order. Otherwise it may cost you time and more money the next time you place an order!

Choose your option above and click the ‘Buy Now’ button right now before it’s too late!

*Allergen Note: Contains NO gluten, dairy, corn, sucrose, dextrose, soy, egg, or peanuts.