Sip Your Way To Sleep... Faster & Deeper With This Nighttime Herbal Brew

Sip Your Way To Sleep... Faster & Deeper With This Nighttime Herbal Brew

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Introducing... the all-natural, organic, delicious, DIY way to enjoy deep blissful sleep night after night and awake rejuvenated without yucky grogginess or a big mess.

DrewHi! My name is Drew Canole, and I’ve devoted my life to helping individuals transform their lives by discovering the incredible natural healing powers of nutritious, plant-based superfoods.

And yet, for years as an adult I’ve struggled to sleep.

You see, I was tortured and abused as a young child by my biological father.

And so sleep for me was always fitful and fraught with panic attacks and nightmares.

I tried everything Western Medicine had to offer, but, well, you know how that went. Horrible side effects.

It was only until I turned to natural healing methods was I able to get a good night’s rest.

And the best formula I’ve found, by far, is the one I’d like to send you now Risk-Free.

Organifi Gold.

Thousands of my delighted, once bleary-eyed tribe members are now getting blissful shut-eye as a result of this unique all-organic formula — you won’t find anywhere else.

And now you can, too.

Risk-Free. At home. When you say “YES!”

Can I come over and bring you my unique blend of creamy, soothing, yummy, Golden Turmeric Tea for you to savor and sample at home ABSOLUTELY RISK-FREE?

YES! Come on over Drew!

I don’t have to tell you how important sleep is.

sleepJust the other day I was listening to a fascinating Ted Talk and learned how you and I and 1.6 billion of our neighbors around the world are participating in a global sleep study.

It’s called daylight savings time.

In the spring, when 70 countries lose just one hour of sleep, the data reveals there is...

...a 24% increase in heart attacks the next day.

In the autumn, when we all gain an hour of sleep, the data shows just the opposite...

...a 21% decrease in heart attacks the next day.

(The data also reveals the same thing happens for traffic accidents and suicide rates.)

In short... if you and I don’t get enough restorative, restful sleep each night...

Bad things happen to our minds and our bodies.

It gets worse. (Are you sitting?)

insomniaBy placing electrodes on your head, scientists can see powerful brainwaves during your deepest stages of sleep that reveal spectacular bursts of electrical activity called sleep spindles.

When you allow your body to go through all 4 vital stages of sleep — including REM and Delta-Wave — your immune system sends out killer cells to identify and destroy dangerous elements — like a cancerous tumor mass.

But if you only get four hours of sleep, your immune cell activity...

...drops off by 70%!

That means when you and I don’t sleep well, our risk of developing half-a-dozen types of cancer goes up — dramatically.

In fact, the link between a lack of sleep and cancer is now so strong that the World Health Organization has classified any form of nighttime shift work as a probable carcinogen, because of a disruption of your sleep-wake rhythms.

Now for the good news.

You will soon enjoy eight hours of delicious, soothing, spa-like relaxation and healing slumber.

You see, I’m going to send you a natural home remedy that has helped me slip into a blissful deep slumber night after night — and my life transformed forever.

Many of my health problems disappeared, and I was able to enjoy life again.

Now I’d like to share my discovery with you, so you no longer have to suffer with fitful, fruitless, frustrating sleep.

Organifi Gold

You are about to embark on a journey of healing and life-affirming transformation.

As you flush toxins from your body and nourish your cells, you will rebalance, reinvigorate and rejuvenate with the healthiest, safest, disease-fighting superfoods on the planet.

We will hold your hand every step of the way.

The healthiest, safest, most trust-worthy superfoods on the planet.

We source our ingredients from organic farmers around the world who agree to meet our high standards for efficacy, safety, sustainability and responsibility.

Today Organifi is one of the world’s most trusted names in nutritious, natural healing, as tens of thousands of health-conscious customers rely on our powerful therapeutic juices and shakes — sourced from the world’s most nourishing ingredients and then formulated for efficacy and safety here in the USA.


Every soothing sip of Organifi Gold will send these vital nutrients coursing throughout your body.



An ancient, powerful medicinal root - Our unique extraction makes it 4X more powerful



#1 alternative medicinal plant, promotes a healthy response to discomfort from achy muscles and joints.



Brewed for thousands of years by the Chinese, used to build up the immune system.



Prescribed by healers since the Middle Ages to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and treat insomnia.



Phytochemical that improves medicinal potency and makes turmeric 2000% stronger.



A healthy saturated fat, provides passage for vitamins into the bloodstream.



A powerful antioxidant which can strengthen your body’s defenses against cancer, correct hormonal imbalances, and combat stress.



A soothing, comforting spice, promotes healthy blood sugar levels - Increases absorbability of nutrients.



Organic tree sap that feeds the good bacteria in your gut, supporting proper digestion

Every 100% organic juice from Organifi meets these stringent criteria:

Want proof?

And our Non-GMO Verified Nutrition Label is proof...

Each day we get love letters like these from grateful former insomniacs...

"I'm sleeping soundly now."- Becky Robertson


NICOLE L. Verified Buyer 04/05/19

Miracle Tea!!!
This tea has been an absolute miracle to myself that have started drinking it. I have slept great every single night since starting it and my injured shoulder that has bothered me since the injury 4 years ago, has not hurt since a few weeks after starting the tea.


SONDRA S. Verified Buyer 05/20/19

I Love This!
I love this so much! I love everything about it. Mixes well, tastes good and helps me relax, reduces inflammation and sleep well and I feel great when I wake up.


LOREN P. Verified Buyer 05/06/19

Favorite Drink
I am a picky eater so before getting any Organifi I was skeptical. At first I drank it as a tea in hot water and I do like the taste. But then I saw a write up somewhere I don't really remember where, they called it golden milk. After I tried that there is no looking back. It is simply the best drink ever, I warm up milk mix in a scoop of Organifi gold and that is it. The problem is I drink it down so fast because it is so good that it doesn't last. I also love that it does what it claims to do, helps put me to sleep.


Sherry Verified Buyer 04/03/19

Finally Sleeping Better
I love, love, love this. It tastes wonderful. I enjoy two cups a day.


Joan H. Verified Buyer 02/27/19

It Works!
I was having trouble with waking up numerous times during the night. After trying this tea, it fixed the problem! I now sleep pretty soundly and if I do get up to use the bathroom, I fall asleep right away. I actually look forward to ending my day with a cup because it tastes great and helps me sleep. Thank you for a true product that does what it says!

Call and chat with your
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Each life-transforming jar of natural healing “goodness” is delivered to your door with a Personal Wellness Coach standing behind it...

...ready to help you with the inspiration and information you need to achieve your health goals — no matter how small or ambitious.

Your 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee Says:

Moneyback Guarantee

If you’re ever dissatisfied for any reason with any of our organic juices and shakes, we’ll cheerfully issue you a complete 100% refund for 60 days after your purchase. No questions. No strings.

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