Natural Liver Reset

Ancient Greek Doctor’s
#1 Energy-Surging ‘Super Nutrient’ Rediscovered By Cambridge and Leading Medical Journals

See why this rediscovered nutrient is the ultimate solution for the 100,000+ toxins and “5 warning signs” we are exposed to in the modern world

Aging If you wake up wishing you had more energy...

If your tummy expands after eating (even after healthy meals)...

If you’re noticing more “spots” and signs of aging on your face...

If out-of-control cravings and a slower metabolism make it harder to stay in shape...

Leading researchers have begun asking the question:

Could This Hidden “Fat Source” In Your Body Be at The Root of All These Problems?


But the good news is... you’re also going to learn an almost effortless trick to help flush toxins from this “fatty” area of your body...

Happy Woman And regain your youthful glow and vitality...

Avoid gas and bloating after meals...

Eliminate junk food cravings and yo-yo dieting...

Sleep more deeply and wake up feeling rested...

And ultimately help transform the way your body looks and feels...

This discovery was made by an ancient Greek physician, who called this “the best remedy” against a wide range of ailments1...

He And Later Doctors Turned This Discovery Into An Astonishingly Easy 5-Second “Breakfast Ritual”...

That helps reboot what many scientists believe to be the most important organ in your body...

... and fight this hidden source of toxins and fat.

It’s startling how fast this all-natural secret can support your detox pathways and natural metabolism...

Helping you look better...

Feel better...

And wake up with long-lasting natural energy every single day...

This “breakfast ritual” mixes ancient medical wisdom...

With cutting edge research and science...

It has surprised top scientists published in Lancet2, one of the most prestigious medical journals on the planet...

Its Toxin-Fighting Power Was Validated By Experts at Cambridge3, The World’s Leading Research Institution — Ranked Ahead Of Harvard, Stanford And Others...

It works by helping your body deal with a dangerous class of toxins present in many foods (including some organic foods!)... our water supply (yes, bottled water too)... polluted air... even our homes.

Bottled Water Because, according to reports, there are over 80,000 chemicals being actively used in our world today.4

And most have NOT been adequately tested for their effects on human health.

As a result, fat and toxicity begin to build up in this organ... setting the stage for a wide range of health problems.

How do you know you might be at risk for liver issues?

5 Warning Signs
Your Liver Needs Help

Warning sign #1: “I’m Tired in the Morning.”

Your liver converts glucose into glycogen, a form of sugar that can be stored, and then later released when your body needs a burst of energy. Low energy means your liver is burdened. Your liver also filters toxins overnight.

So if you wake up without a lot of energy—it could mean your liver is battling lots of toxins.

Warning sign #2: “It’s So Hard to Lose Weight.”

The liver detoxifies more than chemicals and pollutants—it also is strongly connected to our metabolism, especially our hormones.

Hormones in your thyroid, which affect your metabolic rate—and adiponectin, which affects fat-burning and cravings, are impacted by liver health.

Warning sign #3: “I Don’t Feel Good After Meals.”

The liver is involved in the production of bile, which is a salt that aids in digestion. When bile is stagnant, digestion slows, food backs up, and bad bacteria begin to take hold.

This can cause fatigue, bloating and gas after you eat.

Warning sign #4: “My Brain Is Foggy. I Struggle to Focus.”

Because your liver filters your blood, and your brain uses blood—toxic or “dirty” blood can lead to a foggy brain.

If you struggle with low mood or brain fog or can’t easily concentrate, there’s a good chance your liver is a factor.

Warning sign #5: “I Have Dark Circles Under My Eyes”

According to New York Times best-selling author, Anthony William:

“Dark circles or even sunken eyes for weeks or months mean there’s a hidden problem: a liver problem. This symptom has everything to do with a toxic, dehydrated liver creating toxic, dirty blood.

Where the skin is thin under the eyes, it gets dark because the blood flowing through is lacking oxygen and filled with poisons."

Drew canoleI didn’t just research all of this, either.

For me, it was PERSONAL...

Because toxicity in this organ nearly destroyed my life.

Hi, my name is Drew Canole.

I’m a best-selling author, speaker, influencer, and founder of one of the fastest-growing health brands on the planet.

Over 7 Million+ People Have Seen My Eye-Opening Liver Health Transformation

That’s how many individuals have followed my journey on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and beyond.

To be clear, I say none of that to brag...

I just want you to understand that, as much as I’ve shared in the past — I’ve never fully revealed this part of my story before.

Not like this.

You see, usually only those closest to me know that — for the first full 5 years of my life — I was badly beaten and traumatized by my dad.

Abused TeenEvery day was a living nightmare.

And as a result of burying all this emotional trauma, I became a VERY angry teenager.

I also ate TONS of comfort food to help ease the pain (which was the norm in suburbs of Michigan, where I grew up).

Hot dogs. Twinkies. Macaroni and cheese. Those were staples for me.

When Heavy Food Wasn’t Enough to Numb the Pain, I Turned to Drinking...

Drunk Man I began drinking hard alcohol — whiskey, scotch, you name it — on a regular basis, at age 15.

Insane, I know.

And this only made me more angry. I would go back and forth between rage and exhaustion.

I began developing strange “spots” on my face and back.

I would get hot, sometimes unbearably hot, during the day... and break out into sweats overnight.

As I entered my 20s — and even after I quit alcohol — I continued experiencing even more of those symptoms.

Conventional doctors couldn’t figure out what was happening.

It wasn’t until I met an elite Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor... who looked at my eyes... the spots on my face and back... even checked my pulse... that the picture became clear.

His message to me was essentially this:

“Drew, Your Liver Is Dangerously Stagnant and Toxic. If You Don’t Handle This, You’re Not Going to Make It...”

With all the pent-up, unexpressed anger at my dad (your liver is the seat of emotion)...

Plus eating a heavy “Standard American Diet” loaded with trans fats and additives...

And the extreme alcohol abuse before I was even a fully formed adult...

All of this absolutely wrecked my liver.

Western medical diagnostic tests later confirmed that my liver enzymes and bilirubin (two signs of liver toxicity) were highly elevated.

And my liver was indeed THE #1 problem I had to address.

Green Juice I began shifting my diet — cleaning it up and adding fresh green juice — which immediately helped me feel better.

Still, lifestyle changes weren’t enough to fully reverse the deep damage I’d done to this essential organ.

So I began investigating liver health — collaborating with some of the smartest and most renowned doctors, practitioners, and health authorities in the world today.

I desperately wanted to help support my liver... restore my energy levels... fix my digestion...

The Research All Pointed to THIS ONE THING that Impacts EVERYTHING Else in Your Body

I learned that liver toxicity — aka “hepatoxicity” — is a much bigger issue than most people realize.

The deeper I went down the rabbit hole, the more I was blown away.

Source after source revealed that your liver is THE master detox organ of your body—with one of its many jobs being removing toxins from your bloodstream and body.

Liver Unfortunately, when your liver is overloaded with toxins — this can prevent it from doing another one of its jobs:

To digest and process fat.

When this happens... fat tends to buildup in the liver and create a host of other problems.

Indigestion. Low energy. Liver spots (brown marks on the skin). Brain fog. Cravings.

Even bloating and slow metabolism can be connected to hepatoxicity and the buildup of excess fat in the liver.

That’s When I Discovered Substances Much More Damaging to the Liver Than Alcohol or Fast Food...

bisphenol A You’ve probably heard of a toxin called BPA, which has been banned from products meant for babies.

The problem is, BPA is STILL found all over the world in cans of food, plastic drink bottles, water bottles, and more.

Scientists are only just beginning to understand why man-made, endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) like BPA are so harmful.

It's believed once you come into contact with them, they enter your bloodstream — where your liver struggles to catch and remove them.

One study found that hepatoxins like BPA disrupt critical metabolic hormones like adiponectin, leptin and ghrelin — potentially making you tired... or causing cravings... even making it hard to feel full after meals.

Sadly, BPA is just ONE of many endocrine-disrupting chemicals in our environment.

These Hidden Hepatoxins Are EVERYWHERE...

Tributyltin (TBT) is another hepatoxin found in paint, pesticides and vinyl products.

PaintWhich means residue of this toxic chemical could be in your home now...

A 2019 study published in Frontiers in Endocrinology6 has directly linked TBT to disruption of leptin — which regulates your weight — and other metabolic issues, too.

Then there’s something called PFOA... which is found in Teflon cookware and seeps into anything cooked in a teflon pan (yes, teflon is still found in many homes and restaurants!)

PFOA has even been the subject of massive class action lawsuits — it was even featured in the movie, Dark Water with Mark Ruffalo.

Teflon Pan Despite all of this research and huge lawsuits, teflon hasn’t been fully banned.

Which is tragic for our liver health.

Because a study7 published in Environmental Health Perspectives linked PFOA to higher alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and γ-glutamyltransferase (GGT) levels—two markers of SERIOUS liver damage.

I don’t know if I’ve ever met a single person who hasn’t eaten something cooked from a teflon pan. Many of us grew up with all of our meals cooked on them!

The situation with these chemicals is so dire, even the American Medical Association, the National Institutes of Health and White House Task Force on childhood obesity8 declared hepatoxins like PFOA to be a clear and present danger to America's waistlines.

I Knew That If I Didn’t Do Something to Support My Liver and Eliminate Hepatoxicity, I Was a Goner...

If there was one good thing about my brutal upbringing, it was this: I learned to never quit.

I became determined to find a way to reverse hepatoxicity and support my liver.

Beyond cleaning up my diet... exercising more... and adding green juice, I gathered the smartest liver and detox experts I knew:

Research Team Medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, best-selling authors, Eastern medicine practitioners... anyone respected in this area.

It was a bonafide “dream team” of experts dedicated to investigating liver health and cleansing.

Together, we examined ALL the potential nutrients and herbs — virtually everything that had ever been recommended for liver health — including many herbs and nutrients that had been used for thousands of years.

What we found was truly astonishing:

But being the extreme guy that I am—I wasn’t content to simply hop online and try ordering these from Amazon.

I was fully aware of the deep damage that had been done to my liver — and I wanted the best quality possible.

So I Began GROWING These HEPATOXIN-Fighting Superfoods in My Own Garden...

Home garden Yes, it was a TON of work.

But along with doing the emotional work of forgiving my dad...

And cleaning up my diet and lifestyle...

Adding these 4 hepatoxin-fighting superfoods to my daily diet proved to be an absolute game-changer.

My skin (including the dark spots) cleared up...

My energy went through the roof...

I lost 40 pounds...

My hair thinning stopped — and my hair got thick again...

And I looked and felt better than I have in my entire life.

I even began helping others go through the process of liver cleanse and some equally stunning transformations.

Still, not everyone who tried liver cleansing and rebuilding experienced such profound results.

As my team and I poured into the research—we realized something BIG:

Most Liver Support Protocols Miss THE #1 Most Important Factor Needed for Detox...

Namely, we learned about a critical process called “deep liver detox.”

This is also known by researchers as “the conjugation pathway” — and it’s essentially where your liver attaches to an intermediate molecule to the toxin...

It does this in order to render it less harmful.

The problem is... most people are bombarded with too many toxins... and not enough support... for deep liver detox to ever be completed.

Suppliments And most liver supplements and “cleanses” are not potent enough to fully activate this process.

So the toxins and fat continue to build up in the liver—until they reach truly dangerous and health-harming levels.

I say none of this to scare you. Just being real...

By this point in my journey, I had launched my company Organifi... and we’d already created the best greens, reds and gold superfood products on earth.

So I turned my team of nutritional researchers and scientists loose on this urgent problem — pushing them to develop a process for extracting the most potent liver support nutrients in existence.

We wanted a formula that met 3 critical criteria:

Ultimately, we did it. I’m proud to say we’ve created what could be the most potent formula for liver support and detoxification, ever:

Organifi’s LIVER RESET

A natural liver reset for
optimum detox, cleansing and rejuvenation

Buy Now!

This formula is light years beyond what I was growing in my garden...

Because it leverages a breakthrough extraction process for isolating the liver-supporting nutrients in each of the superfoods.

You see, each of the liver health-boosting superfoods our team discovered have specific compounds that researchers have found to be restorative.

The more of those compounds you can get to your liver, in the right ratios...

The better the results.

And that’s what LIVER RESET does, incorporating the following breakthrough superfoods for unprecedented liver support:

MILK THISTLE (Silymarin)

Milk Thistle is a stunning, dense-prickly flower plant—with bright purple tubular flowers.

It originated in the Mediterranean region and that’s where its remarkable history began.

Pliny the Elder, a renowned health expert of ancient times, praised it for supporting liver health... Theophrastus (IV century BC) and Dioscorides (1st century AD) also wrote about its mysterious power.

Today, what makes milk thistle so helpful for initiating "deep liver detox" is no longer a mystery:

Its effect is due to a compound called silymarin.

The impact of silymarin from milk thistle has been put through a full range of human studies—with researchers finding:

  • Milk thistle is one of the most well-researched plants to support those with liver issues9...
  • Studies have shown improvements in liver function in those who have taken a milk thistle supplement10, suggesting it could help support those with an inflamed liver...
  • Overall, researchers believe that milk thistle can help reduce damage to the liver caused by free radicals — which are produced when your liver metabolizes toxic substances.


Just like milk thistle, multiple varieties of artichokes were cultivated and revered by the ancient Greeks — the Greeks actually called them kaktos.

And just like milk thistle, early Greek physicians began to observe potent effects from extracting nutrients from the leaves of this superfood.

The most important nutrient in artichoke leaves is called altilix — which is what gives it such strong hepatoprotective and antioxidant activity.

The breakthrough critical extraction process used to make LIVER RESET helps maximize altilix... and research has found:

  • Artichoke leaf extract can have a positive effect on cholesterol levels11 (the liver can be a source of bad cholesterol buildup)...
  • In one study, those with high cholesterol were given artichoke leaf extract daily for six weeks. Results showed an 18.5% and 22.9% decrease in total and “bad” LDL cholesterol12...
  • More importantly, multiple studies show that artichoke leaf extract with a high concentration of altilix can protect your liver from damage14 and promote the growth of new tissue...16
  • In one trial, 90 people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (toxic fat buildup in the liver) got 600mg of artichoke extract daily. The result was dramatically improved liver function16...


Dandelion root dates back even earlier than the ancient Greeks and Romans — it is believed that ancient Egyptians used it as a tonic for liver health and beauty.

Dandelion root is no mere folk remedy, though.

Human studies have verified its ability to support the liver in the following ways:

  • It can help support healthy levels of inflammation17 — and lower inflammation levels means your liver doesn’t have to work as hard during the detox process...
  • Animal studies have shown that dandelion extract may reduce levels of excess fat stored in the liver18 and protect against oxidative stress19 in liver tissue...
  • More importantly, multiple studies13 show that artichoke leaf extract with a high concentration of altilix can protect your liver from damage14 and promote the growth of new tissue...16
  • In one trial, 90 people with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (toxic fat buildup in the liver) got 600mg of artichoke extract daily. The result was dramatically improved liver function16...


Triphala Churna is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy with usage dating as far back as 5,000 years.

To make it, a combination of three super fruits- haritaki, bibhitaki and amla - are combined in the right ratios, dried and ground up into a powder.

Triphala is believed to support overall digestion, elimination and detox — which helps the liver both directly and indirectly.

It too has been the subject of some truly remarkable investigations:

Its antioxidant and inflammation-supporting effects have been noted by researchers who found it to support gut microbiome health.20

By promoting beneficial bacteria in the gut, triphala does two things:

  • It can help eliminate toxins via the gut and colon...
  • This, in turn, prevents bad bacteria and toxins from making their way to the liver.

As a result, your overall toxic load is diminished — and your vitality is greatly increased.

I know because my own personal experience matched all of this incredible research. In fact...

The Results of Taking In These Liver-Supporting Superfoods Exceeded My Wildest Expectations

And my company grew and I became busier and busier, it wasn’t convenient for me to continue growing and juicing or grinding these superfoods.

Luckily, I didn’t have to.

Because the breakthrough extraction process pulls out much more of the active nutrients — like silymarin and altilix — than I could ever do in my kitchen.

I began taking LIVER RESET and further transforming the way I looked and felt.

But it wasn’t just me... this formula began working wonders for some of my closest friends and clients, too.


FRANCES W. Verified Buyer 07/31/2019

I take medication for psoriatic arthritis that is hard on my liver. I felt better after 3 days of taking this supplement. More energy and less “brain fog” I am very satisfied.


CHERICE W. Verified Buyer 04/12/19

I don't know if it's coincidence or if this Organifi Liver Reset works so quickly; five days in and I'm waking up alert and full of energy! I choose to believe in the product, since my Green Juice, Yellow Juice and Red Juice were all also amazing, so now I'm about to try the 10-Day-Liver-Detox Meal Plan. I guess I'll have to order a new supply soon. :)


SEAN D. Verified Buyer 08/28/19

Overall body feels refreshed, with a better clarity of mind and overall energy.

With the massive amount of hepatoxins being pumped into our environment... we realized we couldn’t keep this to ourselves.

We decided to make this one of our premier formulas and make it available to anyone who wants the life-changing benefits of liver cleansing and support.

Just 79 Cents a Day for a Cleaner Liver and Transformed Health from Head-to-Toe...

Given everything you’ve learned today:

That the liver is the #1 organ for detox and internal purification of the body...

Why stressors like emotional trauma plus unhealthy foods and alcohol deeply congest it...

How it’s being bombarded by over 80,000 toxic chemicals in our environment...

Why these chemicals include dangerous endocrine disruptors (EDCs) like BPA, TBT and PFOA that we’ve all been exposed to — and are difficult to detox...

And how most liver-cleansing products and protocols miss the boat by not fully activating “deep liver detox” — which is needed to get the toxins OUT...

... I hope you see why Organifi’s LIVER RESET is such a game-changing breakthrough.

Using breakthrough critical extraction to isolate and deliver THE most important nutrients to your liver cells...

This formula can help support your energy levels... digestion... skin and aging... even your hormone health and metabolism.

This would be a steal even if it cost as much as a premium cup of coffee.

But LIVER RESET won’t run you anywhere near that.

In fact, using the deal this page — you can get it for as little as 79 cents per daily serving. That’s mind-blowing considering the full array of health-enhancing and liver protective benefits it offers.


Join Me for a
10-Day Liver Detox

You’ve already seen my story and how actively liver cleansing changed my life so dramatically.

Now, I want the same for you.

So I had the research minds on my team put together the ultimate 10-day liver detox plan — which you can do to further maximize the benefits of LIVER RESET.

This plan includes:

  • When to do a liver cleanse (and what to watch out for)
  • The 14 “MUST AVOID” foods and substances while on your liver cleanse
  • The 1 common liver toxin almost everyone overlooks [hint: it’s related to water]
  • The ultimate meal plan for boosting liver detox and accelerating results
  • Anti-aging yoga poses and self-care practices that deepen your liver detox
  • And so much more!

This program is nearly as valuable as all the detox nutrients I researched. And you’ll get a complimentary copy when you invest in LIVER RESET, today.

Plus, to make your decision to act now even easier...

We’re offering you the best guarantee ever made on a product like this...

Organifi’s “Triple Green” Guarantee

Here’s the deal:

If you’re like the overwhelming majority of LIVER RESET’S users...

Then you’ll be blown away by your results in taking the best liver support money can buy...

Happy Woman But in the highly unlikely event you aren’t blown away...

If you don’t notice that your energy is naturally higher...

If you don’t notice positive improvements in your digestion and reduced bloating...

If your skin and hair don’t start looking more clear and youthful...

If your friends don’t start saying, “you look good! what are you doing?”

If your cravings don’t go down... and your energy doesn’t go up...

Simply email our customer support team at

They will help you send back your remaining product (even if it’s just empty bottles)...

And not only will we refund your money...

We’ll give you a free box of our highly acclaimed Greens product, FREE...

Green Juice Box

That Is Like Getting TRIPLE Your Money Back...

If you don’t experience extraordinary results, Organifi doesn’t want your money.

We wouldn’t deserve it.

Look, not every supplement works for everybody… even though we had extremely high success with our initial users of the formula — nothing is 100%.

And even though we KNOW the liver-supporting benefits of these superfoods are just the start of their amazing health effects...

Here’s a fact:

Every human body is different…

That’s just the honest-to-God truth. We don’t make pie in the sky promises we can’t live up to.

If you are like mine and the vast majority of LIVER RESET’S users, your results will make you feel like you took a time machine back years — even a decade...

You can finally be getting the really bad hepatoxic chemicals OUT of your liver — by activating deep liver detox...

And you’ll be giving your liver the nutrients it needs to repair and rejuvenate itself.

Still, in the unlikely event that doesn’t happen for you... we got your back.

We know that our Greens product will further help you on your journey.

And We’ll Make This Happen For You At Our Expense.

That’s just the kind of company Organifi strives to be.

So again, if you decide you’re not completely satisfied, here’s what we’re willing to do:

1 - Help you return your supply (or empty bottles)...

2 - Give you a full refund...

3 - Gift you a brand new box of our Greens superfood formula.

You cannot lose here.

Organifi is taking on 300% of the risk.

While you risk NOTHING when you give LIVER RESET a try today.

Will some people abuse this ridiculous guarantee?

Sure, there’s always going to be that type of person out there.

But I’m hoping you’re not that type of person...

Because when you experience the incredible benefits of LIVER RESET... I know you’re going to be so grateful...

And I bet the only reason you’re going to reach out, is to write in and tell us about how better your liver health has become...

And how your life has changed as a result...

This Discounted, Triple-Back Offer on LIVER RESET Is Available on THIS PAGE ONLY.

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And get your hands on this groundbreaking formula.

Listen, what would you rather feel?

That powerless feeling of your liver working against you... accumulating toxic and fatty buildup... lowering your energy levels... accelerating aging... and more?

Or would you like to feel the unparalleled freedom that can only come from having your liver fully supported and healthy … allowing you look and feel better than you have in years?

It’s your choice to make—but clearly, you’re at a fork in the road.

One road is well traveled. You know where this road leads...

This is the same road most people are on. It leads you right back to the same, steadily increasing liver toxicity...

You and I both know you deserve better...

And the accumulation of dangerous toxins in the liver isn’t even the worst part...

It’s all the chronic health conditions that hepatoxicity leads to...

Many Americans are traveling down this road.

It’s sad.

But there’s another road you can travel down...

A Path Where Your Clean, Rejuvenated Liver Powers Your Whole Body Transformation...

This is the path I personally took.

This is the path toward the energy, health and life you’ve always dreamed of...

When you choose this road...

You’ll arm yourself with a world-class, one-of-a-kind, all natural formula.

A truly unfair edge when it comes to dealing with the relentless daily exposure of toxins we all face...

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been dreaming of having all-day energy... looking and feeling younger...

Or simply not getting bloated and feeling tired after meals...

It’s all possible with Organifi LIVER RESET...

All for as little as 79 cents per day, depending on which package you choose.

And your results are 300% guaranteed with your Triple-Back guarantee.

Choose the Life-Changing Road that I and So Many Others Have Taken...

In my humble opinion, this should be the easiest decision you ever make...

I want you to be a part of a special group turning back the clock on their liver health and overall well-being...

And it’s all thanks to this revolutionary liver support formula...

So try LIVER RESET out...

You have up to 60 days to experience these results risk-free.

And in the unlikely event you aren’t experiencing more energy... enhanced overall youthfulness and vitality...

If you aren’t experiencing better digestion...

If you still aren’t able to finally get back to enjoying food and life again...

If you’re not blown away ANY reason whatsoever…

Then just send us an e-mail or give us a call… and you’ll promptly get your money back..

Keep your bottle…

And get a NEW bottle of Organifi Greens quickly delivered to your doorstep…

This truly is a no-lose, RISK FREE situation for you.

So listen closely:

Right now is not a time for hesitation.

Your Liver Needs Your Support — This Is a Time for ACTION...

This is a time to harness the greatest nutritional breakthroughs ever...

This is a time to protect your cells against the rising toxin exposure we all face...

... and reclaim your liver health and detox, once and for all.

So go ahead, click that button, and get what every person wants — and what you fully deserve...

A clean, healthy, vibrant body... powered by a liver that is being supported and renewed...

So that there are no limits on your energy, your transformation and ability to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I’ll be here with you, every step of the way.


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