Over 60 doctors, scientists, and researchers agree on
surprising NEW clinical evidence, making them tell their patients...

“Stop Exercising Immediately!”

Obesity doctors' shocking new recommendation for anyone wanting to banish the weight for good:
DRINK a blend of 11 "spirit foods" proven to skyrocket metabolism without exercise, melting fat away fast!

TIME called it “the weight loss trap” … and they only had HALF the story!

How’s that for a controversial new scientific discovery?

Yeah, pretty hard to believe considering we’ve been lied to by the medical establishment our whole life, blindly believing that “calorie burning exercise is all ya need to lose weight”...

That’s why if you feel excited when you think about canceling that gym membership...

Throwing away (maybe burning?) those stupid workout clothes...

Feeling confident sliding into those skinny jeans that suddenly fit again…

Then these shocking scientific breakthroughs on how to CRANK UP your metabolism by STOPPING exercise and drinking a strange tonic of rare “spirits” that transforms your body into a fat melting furnace will feel like a breath of fresh air for anyone suffocating under the burden of uncontrollable cravings and out of control weight-gain1,3.

Because: Recent studies in sports physiology suggest that exercise can send the body into full-blown “fight or flight” PANIC mode for some people4 thereby...

Forcing The Body

Well, heck...

No wonder so many of us have tried exercise to lose weight, only to feel exhausted, burnt out, and STILL unable to drop the burden of weight that makes us feel unattractive, lowers our confidence, and even puts stress on our marriages!

Because let’s face it - one BIG reason so many of us want to look beautiful is to reignite the passion with our spouse, right?

Hi there, I’m Drew.

A few years ago I felt the same way you may feel right now…

Defeated, frustrated, and frankly… extremely pissed off.

That’s why am I blowing the whistle on the most diabolical weight-loss conspiracy ever devised by fitness “experts” and mainstream medicine.

And I’m not afraid to show you my ugly past - this was me 8 years ago:

I was 38 pounds heavier, depressed, and privately fighting a brutal war against my own body… totally incapable of losing weight.

I would exercise HARD at the gym (if I could work up the energy).

I would run on the treadmill as LONG as I could, until my legs were on fire.

Still unable to drop more than a pound or two, you can imagine how angry I felt at myself and health “experts” who kept saying “just exercise exercise exercise!”

I foolishly thought that “working out harder” and “pushing myself” was the answer to losing weight.

What a huge lie that was!

Today I’ve discovered the truth - that exercise does not help most people lose weight5… but I’ve discovered something that DOES work to jack up metabolism and burn fat fast when you drink it!

I’m revealing this to you because...

Against The Health And Fitness MAFIA!

All the so-called “experts” feed us nothing but LIES about exercise and weight-loss. All of them profiting heavily by promising us results from a slightly different workout regimen every time January 1st rolls around.

Last year it was long grueling walks, this year it’s pushing tractor tires around

They don’t even bother to hide their sick desire to force our bodies into even more violence each year!

Don’t Be Their Next Victim!

Personally, they took advantage of my overweight body and my lack of self-confidence for years...

They forced me to bust my buns on treadmills and workout machines until I hurt myself… Of course this only made me even more HUNGRY!

Before I knew it, I was wolfling down burgers at the drive through - feeling like I somehow earned a treat… but this only packed the calories I just burned back onto my belly.

Luckily today, I’m putting the TRUTH right in front of your eyes and handing you the key to your jail cell (AKA the gym).

I promise, by the time you’re done reading this you will be LIBERATED from the obligation of exhausting and unnecessary exercise that will not even help you lose weight!

If that excites you, keep reading as I demonstrate how to naturally boost your metabolic fat burning capacity - by simply sipping a rare red drink every morning6.

Sound good? Good.

By now, you can probably guess I’ve been on a weight-loss journey for a while now.

Years ago (before I uncovered the truth) I’d spend HOURS on my computer researching late into the night...

Until I discovered this earth-shattering new study:

This was the same study that left millions of American women shocked, and angry at health “experts” who force us to exercise our buns off with ZERO results.

The study conducted by The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research discovered that “exercise training in women typically results in minimal fat loss2. In other words, according to this study there’s...

Exercise Does NOTHING For Weight-Loss!7

In the study, 81 women (who don’t normally exercise) were supervised on a treadmill for 30 minutes of walking, three days per week for 12 weeks.

Sadly, 32% of the women studied saw zero change in their weight from the 12-week program. Meanwhile, 68% actually GAINED weight!7

Shocking, right?

I’ll explain more reasons why exercise forces the body to gain weight, but one simple reason is that exercise stimulates appetite!

The “compensation behaviors” of eating a hearty meal after a workout because we “feel like we earned it” are counter productive - they make us gain more weight than if we had not exercised at all.

I’ll show you a MUCH easier way to reliably boost metabolism and effortlessly melt fat in just a moment… once you see how science is proving why workouts are worthless for fat loss.7

Another shocking study of several hundred overweight women at The University of Louisiana tested a group that exercised for a six-month period versus a group that did no exercise.

The result:

NO significant difference in weight loss between women who exercised and those who did not!

Some of the women even gained weight!8,9

Can you imagine how frustrated and defeated these women felt working out 3 times a week, for six months... only to see ZERO results?!

I’m not talking about two little studies either. The top medical research facility in the US now confirms:

60 Scientific Studies Verify
Exercise Worthless For Weight-Loss!

The Mayo Clinic conducted a detailed review of over 60 scientific studies on the connection between exercise and weight loss.

They discovered that in most cases...

"an exercise regimen… is unlikely to result in short-term weight loss…”10

Just so we’re clear: When done properly, exercise can be good for your health. It can reduce stress and fight heart-disease in some cases. So...

Yes Exercise Increases Your Health…
But DOES NOT Really Promote Weight-Loss! 7,8,9,10

Obesity physician Dr. Yoni Freedhoff of the Bariatric Medical Institute goes as far to say…

“Exercise has indisputably proven itself to be the world’s best drug – better than any pharmaceutical product any physician could ever prescribe. Sadly though, exercise is NOT a weight loss drug, and so long as we continue to push exercise primarily (and sadly sometimes exclusively) in the name of preventing or treating adult or childhood obesity, we’ll also continue to short-change the public about the genuinely incredible health benefits of exercise, and simultaneously misinform them about the realities of long term weight management.11

Even TIME Magazine published an exposé on the exercise conspiracy

In the issue titled The Weight Loss Trap they revealed that:

“Leading researchers finally agree, for instance, that exercise, while critical to good health, is not an especially reliable way to keep off body fat over the long term.”12

I couldn’t believe that TIME Magazine finally published what I’ve been screaming about for years! It sure took them long enough

As if TIME and over 60 studies weren’t enough rock hard scientific proof that exercise gives us ZERO fat-burning benefit, here’s yet another shocking discovery Dr. Herman Pontzer (PhD) made in his study of tribal hunters in Africa.13

He studied 30 men and women using calorie regulation devices and revealed an astounding fact…

FACT: Even though Americans sit at desks all day and exercise very little…

We burn the SAME daily calories as busy hunter gatherers who climb trees, pick berries, and hunt animals all day long!14

This means burning off extra calories at the gym is absolutely pointless(!) for those of us battling the frustrating flab monster attached to our belly - FAT!

The bottom line is whether you’re...

Hunting Wild Game Or Slaying It At The Gym?
NEITHER Deliver ANY Weight-Loss Benefits! 14

And that’s why we can’t foolishly put faith in exercise for fat burning any longer. Science shows it simply does not work for you.11

You now understand exercise is a completely useless strategy and a total waste of your time for losing weight. Right?8,9,10,11

Good. Now imagine boosting metabolism, burning fat, and slipping right into those jeans that turn heads when walking down the street.

Imagine finally getting back into that body we LOVE to look at in the mirror… and love to tempt our spouse with.

If you want that, you have to turn your attention towards what you’re putting INTO your body, not how much exercise burns you out.

That’s right, science now proves burning fat is most dependent on ONE factor...

How FAST Your Metabolism
Blasts Through Calories! 11

You have a “base metabolic rate” - that’s how many calories your body burns just sitting around.

Think of it like your car running on idle… Your car is on, sitting in the driveway. You’re not moving, but the car is burning fuel.

Your body works the same way!

Your body has “idle” fuel burning even if you’re just laying on the couch watching Netflix, your body’s combustion engine is burning calories at your base metabolic rate.

For most women, 60% of energy is burned up while “running on idle”... According to researchers at Harvard, most of that energy is spent thinking.11,15

Now imagine cranking UP your base metabolic rate, causing your body to TORCH even more calories in a bonfire while you sit there “running idle”.

Don’t Let Hormones Take Swings
At Your Fat Loss Goals!

Just remember that your baseline metabolism and cravings can be influenced by your hormones. The stress hormone Cortisol is the enemy for anyone who wants to drop pounds.

Because elevated Cortisol levels can cause stress-eating20, it’s SUPER important to prevent Cortisol hijacking your success. And you’ll see how in a moment...

What if you could dramatically boost your base metabolic rate... just by drinking a tonic of 11 rare “spirits”?11

Well, as crazy as that might sound, I spent nearly a decade searching for the perfect combination of ingredients.

After Interviewing Doctors, Dietitians, And Nutritionists...
All Arrows Pointed Towards These
Exact 11 “Spirit Foods”

After going down many blind alleys, I found the perfect blend of ingredients. And here they are…

My “Spirit Food” Cocktail Revealed:
The Elusive Blend Of Ancient Ingredients...
Clinically Proven To Rev Up Metabolism!11

The key to jacking up your base metabolic rate and supercharging your “sitting around watching Netflix” fat-burning capacity is found inside 11 “spirit foods”.11

They’re called “spirit foods” because ancient cultures from around the world identified them as powerful forms of medicine over 5,000 years ago.

The Ancients believed that Gods and Spirits blessed the people by putting these legendary foods on Earth to give them God-like strength and energy!

I’ve created a metabolism enhancing tonic using these 11 powerful spirit foods for you to use... Here’s why I’ve hand picked these 11 ingredients for maximum metabolic stimulation and fat burn…

The Rarest Medicinal Herbs From Around The Globe
Carefully Picked As
“FAT-Hormone-Stopping” Miracles!16

Cordyceps — Energy and Metabolism Booster16

The first cordyceps mushrooms were spotted by Tibetan shepherds 2,000 years ago... And this mystical food is still revered around the world because it speeds up calorie burn for anyone with a slow metabolism. It helps the body regulate energy use via hormone balancing.16

Siberian Ginseng — Weight Management Superfood 17,18,19

Siberian ginseng has been used in Asia for over 5,000 years as a calming herb for making anxiety vanish.

Because modern science shows it protects the body against stress hormones like Cortisol,20 it prevents the body from stress eating and gaining unwanted weight!

Under pressure at work? Kids driving you bonkers? Relax... This powerful superfood is protecting you from evil fat gaining hormones!

Rhodiola — Nature’s Metabolism Booster 21

It was used by ancient tribes in Asia… today tens of millions of Asian and European women Europe enjoy it’s benefits every morning...

Although it’s a mystery to scientists, Rhodiola increases the production of ATP in cells22... which increases baseline metabolism!

YES, this ancient herb gently heats up your metabolism, effortlessly melting away fat and extra calories you! No workout necessary!

Reishi Mushroom — Detoxifying Forest Power! 23

Ancient Japanese women brewed this forest mushroom into a tea for long-lasting youth and modern studies confirm, reishi mushrooms are a lifespan increaser.23

It’s because polysaccharides in reishi mushrooms regenerate liver cells, allowing the body to detoxify with ease.24 Of course, according to the famous Dr. Mark Hyman, liver detox eliminates cravings for carbs and sugar, liberating us from the prison of extra pounds!25

Now for the ingredients that make you yell “this tonic tastes DELICIOUS!

7 More Delicious Spirit Foods:
Proven To Effortlessly Boost Metabolism!

Acai has an ORAC value of 103,000.26,27

According to Brazilian legend, the Acai berry was so nutritious, it fed a starving tribe deep in the jungle for 3 years.

Today, researchers are scrambling to investigate it.

Acai has an ORAC value of 103,000.That means it has about 10 times more metabolism boosting antioxidants than blueberries or ANY other fruit you see in the grocery store! Except you won’t find it in the fruit aisle! These antioxidants are proven to play a major role in raising metabolism, essential for fat loss26,27 No wonder it’s considered by experts to be a “fat-loss miracle fruit!”

Beet — Mineral Rich Metabolic Boost4

Beets are rich in magnesium and folate minerals both shown to boost metabolism.4

When you drink a specially dried and powdered beet extract it’s like a small fire starts smoldering in your belly… Over time, it starts bursting into a fat melting inferno.

You’re feeling this inner fire burning away calories, and seeing the results when you look in the mirror. Wow! Amazing!

Pomegranate — Age-Defying Seeds28

Can you guess why the walls of Egyptian pyramids from 3,000 years ago are still adorned with pomegranate drawings? Because pomegranate has been a celebrated symbol of youth and vitality for millennia! Science now reveals they are packed with age-defying nutrients that improve cardiovascular health.29 In a lab, volunteers saw lowered signs of inflammation after just 12 weeks of drinking pomegranate juice! 30,31

Cranberry — The Answer to Oxidative Stress

For centuries, Native Americans used cranberries in a calming potion for scouts on long voyages. Today: Science shows us these ancient people were correct... Cranberries do lower oxidative stress32, and of course, lowering stress hormones like Cortisol, reducing stress-eating, erasing your desire to snack.

Thanks to Cranberry, you’re feeling more relaxed and less hungry. Finally, you’re taming those wild food cravings!

WARNING: please avoid cranberry juice or dried cranberries at the grocery store. They all have added sugar which only ages you faster!

Raspberry — Mother Earth’s Skin Enhancer33

This delicious fruit is no longer just a cheesecake topping! Raspberry is packed with 5 skin strengthening minerals: Vitamin C, manganese, folic acid, copper, and iron. Millions of people even use it as a face mask every morning.33 It’s surprisingly low in sugar and super high in fiber, keeping your blood sugar and metabolism steady throughout the day.34

Now thanks to slow-dried raspberry juice powder, you’re keeping your inner fat burning fire raging! Gleefully crossing off days on your calendar, you’re counting down the day you slide right back into those jeans! Thanks Raspberry, you are incredible.

Blueberry — Lightning Fast Metabolism 35

For a hundred years, blueberries were too wild to farm. Then in 1911, a scientist discovered the truth: Blueberry bushes need soil extremely rich in phosphates, iron, and magnesium to grow. Those same three micronutrients also dramatically boost metabolism! 36,37,38

Remember, eating blueberries by the handful might not give you the same metabolic maximization that a properly extracted blueberry powder will.

Strawberry — Sweet Collagen Booster 39

Strawberries pack a punch with collagen firming compounds. Flavonoids, phenolic phytonutrients, and phenol antioxidants in strawberries all help strengthen skin cells. 39 They’re LOW in sugar and have been shown to help improve cardiovascular health! A key ingredient of my spirit food tonic.

Uh Oh...
One Tiny Little Problem With Spirit Foods...

The most effective way to get these spirit foods blasting through fat, effortlessly boosting your metabolism is when they are properly extracted and dried at low temperatures. This is how you get your body to actually absorb and utilize these potent ingredients…

Sure you could go try and find some of these at the store… but the highest quality super fruits and herbs are tough to find and not cheap!

For example: Ultra-metabolism booster Cordyceps costs up to $20,000 per pound fresh in the wild!40

Otherwise, you’re just wasting your hard earned money!

Uncovering The 11 Metabolism Maximizing Spirit Foods Was Easy…

The HARD Part Was Proper Extraction

To Get The Result I Wanted...

Effortless Fat Burn
Without Lifting A Finger!

See, many times we eat food but our body doesn’t properly digest or absorb the nutrients.

A study from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) revealed that 92% of Americans suffer from a nutrient deficiency and the associated cravings and weight gain.

That’s why even if you could find all of these 11 ingredients at the store it would be a waste of money because your body will just poop ‘em out... without giving you the powerful metabolic boosting benefits.

Plus, you’d have to shop, chop, juice, and clean up.

If you’ve ever made a fresh juice with 11 ingredients… you know it costs you SO much of your precious time!

That’s why I spent years developing and creating the perfect 11-Spirit Food Tonic for melting fat on autopilot. It’s called…

Organifi Red Juice!

Organifi Red Juice is the only blend on Earth that contains ALL 11 spirit foods recommended to elevate your baseline metabolism, burning fat while you sleep.

Finally, say goodbye to unproductive exhaustion in the gym... and hello to a gentle, effortless metabolism boost from this delicious drink!

Organifi red contains my special blend of 11 spirit foods that CRANK UP metabolism with ease.11 Each ingredient is specially extracted and dried at low temperature to preserve the phytonutrients and compounds that miraculously skyrocket metabolism through the roof.

Here’s why people just like you are raving about the metabolic enhancing POWER of Organifi!

“Finally… 30 lbs GONE!”


“Pictures say 1000 words don’t they?! I got on the scale this morning and
finally… 30 lbs GONE!”

-Karen from Golden Gate, FL

“I lost 60 pounds… My life is completely transformed!”


“My weight is down 60 pounds. My doctor says my blood work is now “perfect” and my triglycerides are down… My family saw the change I made (it happened fast) and they think I just have “more will power” than they do. That’s NOT true! With Organifi I’m able to control the cravings.”

-Tom Luchetti, New Jersey

“I was able to lose 35 pounds..
My life is transformed!”


“I was able lose 35 pounds and feel great about myself! At 3 o’clock in the afternoon I don’t have that spike where I “need” sugar anymore. Today, I don't start my day without my Organifi. My life is transformed because of it!

-Sally, busy mom from Canada


“Dropped 40 pounds and down from size 16 to size 8.”



"I dropped 30 pounds and I feel incredible. I swear by Organifi Red!”


How would it feel to lose that much weight, feel incredible, and slip back into clothes you only daydream of wearing again?

Amazing, right?

Just imagine the great life Organifi Red customers are living now…

Before, they were carrying the heavy burden of guilt and shame, feeling constantly trapped by their overweight body...

Today, they’re living FREE again! Totally liberated from cravings while their baseline metabolism happily burns away calories! Melting fat away! GONE!

YES! That’s Reason To CELEBRATE! Right?!

Let me be real with you for a second… would you be willing to invest just $2.33 per drink to slide back into the body of your dreams?

Think about it… You order your 30 day supply of Organifi Red. It arrives at your doorstep and you mix your mythical tonic, taste the amazing flavor and...

You instantly start feeling the effects of:

→ Cordyceps mushrooms start speeding up the metabolism. They ignite your “inner fire” and you can practically see steam rising off your belly your body cooks calories away!

→ Rhodiola stimulating your cells to produce more ATP (cell energy) jacking up your “sit around watching Netflix” baseline metabolism. You’re allowed to feel guilt-free relaxing in the evening (instead of doing some stupid workout) because THANK GOD, Rhodiola and the other spirit foods are doing a fat-burning workout for you!

→ Cranberry, beet, and acai extracts eliminates your desire to snack. You naturally start enjoying healthy foods as any urge for donuts, cake, and chocolate melt away. You feel so strong and empowered!

→ Siberian Ginseng giving you nerves of steel, bulletproofing you against stress and anxiety… that wipes away any stress eating, putting you in control of your destiny when it comes to eating, your weight, and looking in the mirror feeling SEXY again!

Just imagine…

Feeling the gentle heat inside as a metabolic volcano erupts! Fat cells don’t stand a chance against our raging metabolic fire.

Thanks to the spirit food tonic, you look in the mirror with relief and hope because finally you see PROGRESS. The results you’re seeing start to lift your mood. YES! Your attitude towards losing weight shifts to “I CAN do this!” and “I AM strong!”

Your friends and family start noticing your transformation and they ask you how many times you’re hitting the gym. You laugh and tell them… zero!

Ok, think about how much you might have wasted on gym memberships, personal trainers, and diet programs that just didn’t work. Maybe you’ve spent hundreds or even thousands gambling on empty promises… only to feel embarrassed, ashamed, and STILL have no results?

Would it be worth it if you scrape together $2.33 just to try Organifi Red? A formula proven to deliver body transformations for over 6,176 people who once struggled.

→ By now, I’ve blown the whistle, giving you the scientific research that proves exercise does not help you lose weight...

→ I’ve given you my recipe for 11 spirit foods that accelerate your metabolism...

→ I’ve given you PROOF that hundreds of people just like you have already lost TONS of weight by drinking Organifi ...

And now...

Only you can decide if investing a measly $69.95 (that’s $2.33 per day) on burning away fat in your sleep is worth it.

certainly hope so because it’s HALF the cost of a morning latte- but the decision is yours, my friend.

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If you’re thinking - “sure Drew, I see this works for other people, but I’ve tried everything already!”

I know your pain! I personally was misguided by “fitness gurus” fighting my own weight loss battle for YEARS until I discovered the 11 spirit foods.

That’s why I’m going to put MY money where YOUR mouth is with my...

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Because I know how many people struggle with this (myself included) I wrote a book for you called:

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Because remember, everyBODY is different and unique in their challenges with weight!

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Will Today Be A Turning Point
In Your Life?

Listen, if you’re reading this it’s probably because you feel ready for a change… Right?

You might be exhausted, frustrated, maybe even angry at yourself for trying SO many things to lose weight… only to feel defeated and lost.

You might feel uncomfortable and frustrated with how you look when you put on clothes… NOTHING seems to fit well. Maybe you try on outfit after outfit, asking your spouse or children - “does this make me look fat”.

They try to answer honestly as they hide that painful look on their faces…

Will today be the day when you say...


Today, I’m giving a life raft to anyone drowning in the sea of guilt and depression that comes with uncontrollable weight and the prison of extra pounds that hang on our body.

Organifi Red Juice is a powerful drink that boosts your baseline metabolism using potent medicinal extracts.11

It cranks up the body’s natural ability to MELT FAT. Simple.

You just drink it.

NOW only YOU can decide…

You could try a different product that doesn’t have the same proven results…

You could try some new celebrity diet…

You could try a personal trainer…

You could give up and do nothing! Sadly, many people have.

Or you could just try a metabolic boosting Organifi Red Juice with ZERO risk!

Imagine It: No More Jogging, Crunches, Or Pushups
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Imagine drinking a delicious juice FULL of metabolic boosting spirit foods that crank up your metabolism the way nature intended.

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That’s why I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is by letting you experience the amazing benefits of Organifi Red with zero risk.

I can’t wait to hear about your results.

Yours in Health,



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