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“This green juice powder ROCKS! I have been a picky eater most of my life and just started making green juice a few months ago. It took some time to get used to it and I was concerned about trying a powder, worried that it would taste too “green” (like grass!) This powder was surprisingly good, with a mild sweetness and a hint of mint. It’s very fine and blends easily with water and a spoon. I also love using it to make green smoothies, which I really haven’t been able to tolerate the taste of until I made them with the Organifi powder. I am so excited to have a quick, easy and delicious alternative to juicing!”

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Thousands around the world have declared Organifi to be the best-tasting green juice on the planet. Now it’s your turn. Here’s your opportunity--absolutely FREE:

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.   Click here for references

- Lorna Hutcheson

“All I can say is WOW! I’ve been juicing for some time now and LOVE my fresh green juices but as I’m on the road a lot, it sometimes is hard to get my juices made in time to take with me. Either that or I end up having to pack my wonderful, but heavy, juicer to bring along. Well, I’m thrilled to say I won’t have these issues any longer! Organifi’s Green Juice is fantastic! It blends easily into water, or whatever liquid you choose and tastes good (not powdery or like drinking grass). My favorite way to use it so far is to add my Vanilla Protein powder to it along with chia seeds and mix with water. My body always missed it’s good, revitalizing, healthy juice on those days I don’t manage to get some fresh juice made up, but that’s no longer a problem!! -

- Paula Scimone

“I have been juicing for a while now and to have a product available like this is only going to make it that much easier. The taste is so refreshing! It is not gritty and doesn’t taste like dirt or roots. It is minty and gives me tons of energy. Wonderful supplement for my clean eating lifestyle. I like it with water and ice or added to my smoothies or fresh juice. It is something I will always have in my pantry!!"

You’ve heard of the benefits… the delicious boost of energy... the detoxing... the dramatic weight loss and more… 1,2,3
And now it’s time to find out for yourself--for free.
Hey, it’s Drew Canole, creator of Organifi.  
No matter what your previous experience may have been with those other rather nasty-tasting concoctions, you're reading this right now because you appreciate the health benefits of drinking nutritious green drinks on a regular basis.
Like me, you're open-minded and willing to consider options and alternatives.
And truth be known, I believe you’re looking for what I call “The One.” The one green drink that delivers not just on the health benefits, but on taste. 
I know I was. 
That’s why I created Organifi. Because at the time, I couldn’t find it myself.
Now that I have, I’m hellbent on getting the word out.
So much so, I want to win you over as an Organifi customer--on my dime, not yours.
In other words, let ME take all the risk.

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I encourage you to drink it all, because HERE’S what will happen...
First, you’ll immediately notice an energy lift.1 Not like a caffeine or sugar rush, but a gentle lift that lasts pretty much all morning.
You’ll also notice at the very same time, a gentle calm. That’s the ashwagandha kicking in. The herb is what they call a stress-relieving, anti-aging adaptogen. 4
The other thing you’ll notice is your appetite will be suppressed. That means you’ll be eating less. (And you know what that means, right?) 5


The second day is interesting. Because here’s what’s happening on the inside of your body...
Like the first day, your body continues to be flooded will all sorts of essential vitamins and minerals. These are not like inorganic compounds, but fresh from organic vegetables, fruits and herbs.
Your body on the inside is delighted. It’s finally getting a burst of the nutrition it needs.
On the outside, you feel like breaking out into your happy dance--that’s how good you feel.
And of course, you’re not eating as much as you normally would. Why? Because your body is happy being flooded by an abundance of nutrition from Organifi--from just one glass!


The fog lifts and you're thinking clearer...
You’re flooded with a calm, focused energy...1
And maybe best of all, you may already be noticing the bathroom scale is being kind to you.


But the third day is when you realize ORGANIFI, hands down, is not only the best tasting green drink out there by far, but at this point, the benefits are starting to compound...
Because from that point on, you’re gonna be excited to add Organifi to your daily routine.


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And THAT’S WHEN you can fully appreciate and experience Organifi’s unique fat-melting, body-shaping, energy-boosting properties.1


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3 FREE GLASSFULS of Organifi Juice. 


Find out why it’s been called “the best tasting green juice on the planet!”  And then be amazed at how each mouthful helps:


Rebalance your hormones 6
Flushes out toxins
Soothes away belly fat 3


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Why is Organifi so popular?

Chlorella – to dramatically eliminate food cravings and reduce body fat…3
Moringa – an anti-aging powerhouse known for smoothing away wrinkles over time… 7
Spirulina – one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet…
Mint – calms and soothes (bonus: keeps your breath fresh)
Beets – detoxify and purify your blood and liver 8
Matcha green tea – lowers your stress levels 4
Wheatgrass -- rejuvenates aging cells and tightens and loosens sagging skin 9
Turmeric – increases healthy fat loss 10
Lemon – cools and alkalizes the body, stabilizing your blood sugar 11
Coconut water – helps flush out toxins from your kidneys.  And my personal favourite…
Ashwagandha -- calms and lowers stress levels.4  Freeing your body from cortisol and erasing stubborn belly fat.3


It’s all because of the synergistic combination of it’s 11 nutrients...


Yes, you read that right.  Ashwagandha alone helps lower your body’s stress levels, reducing your body’s stress hormone known as cortisol and therefore reducing belly fat. 4, 3 That means…


Here’s a RARE opportunity to try Organifi out for FREE. No catch. No hassles. No hidden payments. All we ask is you help us cover the small cost of shipping & handling (just $4.95 domestic; additional for international orders)
I know you’re going to love the way you feel after a few days. 
I’m even more sure you’ll LOVE the delicious flavor. So put me… put Organifi to the test. Try it! Taste-test Organifi GO, on me--totally risk free. You’ll be glad you did.


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Yes! Send My 3 FREE Packs!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Organifi REALLY the best-tasting green juice?

The team here at FitLife and thousands of customers around the world think so.
But look, now is your chance to find that out for yourself. Try it for FREE and let us know what you think. I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the minty, sweet, refreshing taste.
Absolutely! Organifi is 100% free from all allergens.  Drink it with total confidence knowing everything contained in a miracle powder like this can only enhance your health.

Q.  I am allergic to eggs, soy, nuts, wheat, dairy, gluten, yeast, etc, can I take Organifi?

Q.  Why is Organifi a powder?

It’s very simple.  The powder helps you absorb as many of the nutrients as possible.
You see, tablets and capsules are just not as effective at introducing nutrients into the body. Apart from the work the stomach and the digestive tract have to do in breaking down the tablet or capsule, heat is another problem with food-based supplements like this.
The amount of heat generated in pressing a tablet or capsule denatures the enzymes and probiotics in the formulation, which makes the ingredients even harder to absorb.
Most of a tablet or capsule ends up as expensive urine!
The other factor is CONVENIENCE – taking the Organifi in capsules would require you to take 16-18 capsules to get one serving!


To be on the safe side… If you are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your physician prior to taking any supplement or making a change in your diet. 
And after you’ve been given the green light by your physician, let me say this...


Q.  Can I take Organifi during pregnancy?

You’re guaranteed peace of mind, no matter what your concern.
There’s no preservatives… no dairy… no artificial flavors… no MSG… no artificial sweeteners… no wheat… no soy protein.  Nothing but pure, organic, immune system boosting goodness.


Q.  Are there any extra ingredients in Organifi I need to be aware of?

Absolutely.  In fact, we’ve added turmeric which helps reduce inflammation and improve digestion.  And with the increased absorbability, it’s GREAT for a sensitive stomach. 12


Q.  I have sensitive digestion, is this going to be ok for me?

The answer is no.  Although Organifi is great for you, it is not caloric sufficient for a meal, however you can definitely add it to your juice.  Organifi is an amped up, super food to help supplement your daily diet.  We suggest taking it in the morning for a huge boost of energy and mental clarity.1   You can mix it with water, almond mix, or coconut milk.  Personally, I LOVE it with almond milk-  Tastes amazing!


Q.  Can I use Organifi as a meal replacement? 

I recommend 1-2 servings per/day.  This product is not designed to fast with. 


Q.  How often do I use Organifi?

Not really, Organifi is a greens superfood formula. Not a multivitamin.
It provides the important naturally occurring trace minerals, antioxidants and micronutrients that are found in these superfoods and seriously lacking in the average American’s diet.


Q.  Is Organifi like a multivitamin?

Yes.  Organifi is foundational, so adding other supplements as adjuncts is a best practice that has been employed by many over the past 20 plus years.
Since the product's introduction into the Natural Products Industry, consumers have taken fish oils and other supplements along with Organifi.


Q:  Can I mix Organifi with other vitamins, proteins, or super foods?

Not that I’m aware of. On the contrary, usually people feel clear headed and totally energized afterwards.


Q:  Will a daily serving of Organifi trigger detox symptoms?

The absolute best time is about half an hour after a light breakfast.  Many customers use Organifi in a smoothie for breakfast, which is fine. 
The most important thing is TO TAKE Organifi daily when it’s most convenient for you to do so routinely.


Q:  When is the best time to take Organifi?

Yes.  Organifi can be taken one or more times per day.  More than once per day and up to three times per day is recommended.


Q:  Can I use Organifi more than once a day?

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Yes! Send My 3 FREE Packs!
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Sipping this delicious juice each day
actually helps your body soothe away belly fat!3